Garga Samhita 1139

Garga Samhita

Canto Two : Chapter Seven

Kidnapping of the Calves and Cowherd Boys


Text 3, 4, and 5

aho 'ti-ramyam pulinam
priyam komala-valukam
paragaih paripuritam

vayuna tri-vidhakhyena
sugandhena sugandhitam

atropavishya gopala
dinaika-prahare gate
bhojanasyapi samayam
tasmat kuruta bhojanam[1]

O gopas, let us go to this beautiful and pleasing riverbank of soft sands, which is flooded with pollen from the lotuses blossoming in autumn, fragrant with a breeze carrying three scents, and filled with trees, vines, and the humming of bees, and, now that three hours have passed and it is time for lunch, let us take our lunch here.



  1. ahah -Oh; ati-ramyam -very beautiful; pulinam -shore; priyam -favorite; komala -soft; valukam -sand; sharat -autumn; praphulla -blooming; padmanam -of lotuses; paragaih -with pollen; paripuritam -filled; vayuna -by the breeze; tri-vidhakhyena -named trividha; sugandhena -with the fragrance; sugandhitam -scented; madhupa -of bees; dhvani -the sound; samyuktam -with; kunja -forest; druma -trees; lata -vines; akulam -filled; atra -here; upavishya -entering; gopala -O gopas; dina -of the day; eka -one; prahare -a period of three hourse; gate -passed; bhojanasya -of lunch; api -also; samayam -the time; tasmat -from that; kuruta -do; bhojanam -lunch.

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