Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 1:22-30

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Krsna-pada-padma-prapti-sopanam
The Stairway to Sri Krsna’s Lotus Feet

Chapter 1 : Verse 22-30



22.My father sent me here to learn from you. Who, approaching an ocean of nectar, would not wish to drink from it?

23.Sri Narayana Rsi said: I know that you are very fortunate, pious, and glorious. O purifier of the people, you wander here and there to purify the worlds.

24.As you hear their words, the people’s hearts are quickly revealed to you. You know how people’s hearts are disposed to their disciple, wife, daughter, granddaughter, relatives, son, and grandson, and how their hearts have glory, beauty, intelligence, eloquence and knowledge.

26.You are liberated, even while living in this world. You are completely pure. You are a pure devotee of Lord Krsna. With the dust of your feet you purify this earth, the maintainer of all.

27.By showing yourself you purify all the worlds. That is why you wish to hear the very auspicious topics of Lord Hari.

28.Where the topics of Lord Krsna are present there also are all the demigods, sages, philosophers, saints and holy places of pilgrimage.

29.By hearing the topics of Lord Hari the hearers become great saints free of all distress. They who hear the beautiful and auspicious topics of Lord Hari become holy places of pilgrimage.

30.Speaking the glories of Lord Hari, and delivering hundreds and hundreds of listeners, they purify the entire world.



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