Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 1:31-40

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Krsna-pada-padma-prapti-sopanam
The Stairway to Sri Krsna’s Lotus Feet

Chapter 1 : Verse 31-40



31.Simply by asking his question, the inquirer purifies his family. Simply by hearing the hearer, purifies his family and all his relatives.

32.Pure as if he had performed austerities for hundreds of births, he is born in Bharata-varsa. Hearing the nectar of topics about Lord Hari, his life is a success.

33.-34.The nine kinds of devotional service are: 1. Always worshipping the Lord, 2. Offering obeisances to Him, 3. Chanting His mantras, 4. Serving Him, 5. Remembering Him, 6. Glorifying Him, 7. Hearing His glories, 8. Yearning to attain Him, and 9. Surrendering to Him. Hearing of them, he performs these kinds of devotional service. In this way his birth in Bharata-varsa bears its fruits.

35.For him there are no obstacles. He lives a long life and never perishes. As a snake will not approach Garuda, so time does not approach him.

36.Lord Hari does not leave him for even a moment. Headed by anima-siddha, the mystic perfections approach, eager to serve him.

37.By Lord Krsna’s order, day and night the sudarsana-cakra stays by his side to protect him. Who can attack him? What can an attacker do to him?

38.As crickets, seeing a fire, will not approach, so Yamaraja’s servants do not approach him, even in his dreams.

39.Diseases, calamities, sufferings, and obstacles do not approach him. O sage, afraid of its own death, death itself will not approach him.

40.The rsis, munis, siddhas, and all the demigods become pleased with him. By Lord Krsna’s mercy he is always fearless and happy.



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