Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 13:131-140

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Krsnanna-prasana-nama-karana-prastava

Sri Krsna’s Anna-prasana and Nama-karana

Chapter 13: Verse 131-140



131.He will free Himself from the false rumour that He had stolen a jewel. He will help the Pandavas, remove the earth’s burden, and enjoy many pastimes.

132.In His pastimes He will help Yamaraja’s son perform a rajasuya-yajna. He will take a parijata tree and then He will crush Indra’s pride.

133.He will grant the fulfilment of Satya’s vow. He will cut off Banasura’s many arms, make Lord Siva yawn and defeat Siva’s armies.

134.He will kidnap Bana’s daughter, release Aniruddha from captivity, burn Varanasi City, and rescue a brahmana from poverty.

135.He will return a brahmana’s sons, defeat many demons, and go on a pilgrimage where He will see you again.

136.He will return to Vraja and again enjoy pastimes with Sri Radha. He will send His Narayana expansion back to Dvaraka.

137.His mission on earth accomplished, Sri Krsna, the master of the universes, will return with Radha to the world of Goloka.

138.Then Lord Narayana will return with Laksmi to Vaikuntha, Nara-Narayana Rsis will return to the asrama of Dharma Muni, and Lord Visnu will return to the Ksirodaka Ocean.

139.O Nanda, thus I have described the boy’s future, which is described in the Vedas. Now please hear why I have come here at this time.

140.Please perform the boy’s anna-prasana ceremony in the month of Magha (January-February) on Thursday, the fourteenth day of the bright fortnight, an auspicious day when the moon and stars are pure and the star Revati is conjoined with the moon,...



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