Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 11:21-30

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Killing of Trnavarta

Chapter 11: Verse 21-30



21.At that moment, on his way to visit Lord Siva in Mount Kailasa, and accompanied by a hundred thousand disciples, Durvasa Muni came by that path.

22.When he saw the sage, the king, absorbed in his passionate activities, did not stand up, bow down, or greet him with pleasant words or a handshake.

23.Seeing this, Durvasa became angry and, his lips trembling, cursed the king, “Sinner, become a demon! Loose your yoga powers and go to the earth!”

24.“O lowest of men, you will live on the earth for a hundred thousand years and then, because you will be touched by Lord Krsna’s feet, you will go to Goloka.

25.“O beautiful queens, you must take birth again and again in the royal palaces of the different countries of the earth, again and again the daughters of mighty kings.”

26.After speaking these words, Durvasa Muni, his compassionate disciples lamenting, “Alas! Alas!”, continued on to Lord Siva’s abode.

27.When Durvasa Muni had departed, the king wept by the riverside, and his beautiful wives, tormented by the thought of being separated from him, also wept.

28.Again and again they lamented: O master, O best of lovers, without you, where will we go? Where will you go now?

29.Never again will we enjoy pastimes with you in secluded places. Never again will you rule your kingdom. Never again will we return to our homes.

30.Never again will we see your face, which robs the moon of its splendour. Never again will you embrace us with your arms and hold us to your chest.



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