Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 10:21-30

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Liberation of Putana

Chapter 10: Verse 21-30



21.Then beautiful smiling Putana, who was actually a great devotee, entered Nanda’s palace. When they saw her, the gopis did not think that she was a demoness.

22.They said among themselves, “Is she Goddess Laksmi? Is she goddess Durga come to see the infant Krsna?” All the gopis bowed down before her, asked her about her welfare, placed her on a throne, and offered her padya.

23Saintly Putana asked about the welfare of the gopas and of the infant Krsna, sat on the throne, smiled, and accepted the padya.

24.All the gopis said to her: O goddess, who are you? Where do you live? What is your name? Why have you come here? Please tell.

25.Hearing their words, beautiful Putana said to them: I live in Mathura. I am a brahmana’s wife.

26.I have heard the good news that Nanda now has a great son.

27.Hearing this, I have come here to see and bless Him. Please bring Him. I will see and bless Him, and then I will go on my way.

28.Hearing the brahmani’s words, Yasoda became happy at heart. Bowing down, she placed her son in the brahmani’s lap.

29.Saintly Putana placed the infant on her lap and kissed Him again and again. Making herself comfortable, she offered her breast to the child.

30.Putana said: Oh! He is wonderful. O beautiful gopi, your boy is very handsome. He is like Lord Narayana Himself.



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