Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 10:31-40

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Liberation of Putana

Chapter 10: Verse 31-40



31.Infant Krsna happily drank from Putana’s poison breast. Cradled on Putana’s chest, He smiled and drank both the poison milk and Putana’s life as if He were drinking nectar.

32.O sage, pulling back from infant Krsna, saintly Putana suddenly died and fell to the ground. Lying on the ground with her face up, she suddenly changed into a gruesome monster.

33.Suddenly leaving that gigantic body, she manifested a spiritual body and entered a chariot of precious jewels,...

34. ...a chariot decorated with ten thousand white camaras and ten thousand mirrors, a chariot whose passengers were many effulgent associate of the Lord,...

35. ...a chariot splendid with fine cloth pure as fire, a chariot decorated with jewel domes wonderful with colourful designs,...

36. ...a chariot beautiful with a hundred wheels and splendid with the light of many jewels. The associates of the Lord placed Putana on the chariot and took her to the realm of Goloka, the highest place in the spiritual world.

37.Gazing at this wonder, the gopas and gopis became filled with wonder. When Kamsa heard of it, he also became filled with wonder.

38.O sage, Yasoda took her boy, placed Him on her lap, and gave Him her breast. Then she had the brahmanas perform auspicious rituals for His protection.

39.When Nanda happily burned Putana’s monstrous body, it became fragrant like sandal, aguru, and musk.

40.Sri Narada said: O sage, who was that woman in the form of a demoness? She must have been a great devotee. By the power of what pious deeds was she able to see Lord Krsna and then go to His transcendental abode?



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