1. Performing Actions only for one's own happiness, egotistically, with an ungodly (asuri) frame of mind, or hypocritically, or being prompted by avarice— (Gi. 16. 16)— the ASURA, or UNGODLY path. LOWEST HELL
1. Although the Knowledge of the form of the Paramesvara by the Realisation that there is only one Atman in all created beings has not been acquired, performing all Desire prompted Actions with faith, and according to moral principles, and consistently with the injunctions of the Sastras, or the Vedas (Gi. 2. 41-44 and 9. 20)— PURE KARMA, or TRAYI— DHARMA or MIMAMSAKA-MARGA. MEDIUM (Best, according to the mimamsa school)[1] HEAVEN (Release, according to the Mimamaskas)
1. After the Acquisition of the Knowledge of the Paramesvara, by the desireless performance of, the duties enjoined by the Sastras, giving up all Action, and finding happiness only in Jnana (Gi. 5. 2)— PURE JNANA or the SAMKHYA or the SMARTA-MARGA. SUPERIOR[1] RELEASE (moksa)[2]
1. Performing life-long Desireless Actions, in the beginning, for the purification of the Mind, and afterwards, that is, after having thereby acquired the Knowledge of the Paramesvara, for universal welfare (lokasamgraha), in the same way as was done by the Blessed Lord (Gi. 5. 2)— the KNOWLEDGE-ACTION path or KARMA-YOGA, ,or the BHAGAVATA-MARGA. BEST OF ALL[1] RELEASE (moksa)[2]
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