Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 20:29-34

Book 8: Chapter 20

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 20: Verses 29-34
A vision of the Cosmic Body (of the Lord)

The hero (Bali) beheld rivers in His arteries, rocks in His nails, Brahma (the birthiess) in His intellect, hosts of gods (presiding over the Indriyas) as well as Rsis in His Indriyas and all created beings---(both) immobile and mobile-in His person. Observing this universe in the all-sustaining (person of the) Lord, all the demons were seized with fear, O dear one ! His (well-known) discus, Sudarsana, possessing an effulgence (the sight of) which was unbearable, and the (famous) Samga bow (made of horn and), of thunder-like twangs, His conch, Pancajanya (by name), which roared like thunder, Kaumodaki, the mighty mace of Lord Visnu, His sword, Vidyadhara (also known by the name of Nandaka), pairing with (the shield called) Satacandra (so-called because it is adorned with a hundred studs resplendent as the moon) and the two excellent quivers containing

an inexhaustible stock of arrows, and His chief attendants with Sunanda as their head, accompanied by the guardians of the (various) worlds, waited on the Lord all (in a living form). With a diadem, armlets and a pair of alligator-shaped ear-rings glistening on His person) and adorned with (the mark of) Srivatsa (a white curl of hair on His bosom) and the Kaustubha gem (the foremost of all jewels), and encircled by a girdle, clad in yellow and decked with a wreath of sylvan flowers hovered about by a swarm of black bees, the Lord of wide strides shone brightly, O king ! With a single stride He measured the earth, which (entirely) belonged to Bali, and covered the sky (aerial region) with His person (trunk) and the (four) quarters with His arms. To Him as He took a second stride heaven proved of no account (covering only a negligible part of His stride), so that indeed not an atom (of space) was left for a third. (For,) extending higher and higher, the foot of the Cosmic Person presently reached beyond Maharloka and Janaloka as well as beyond Tapoloka (as far as Satyaloka, the realm of Brahma).

Thus ends the twentieth discourse entitled "A vision of the Cosmic Form (of the Lord)", in Book Eight of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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