Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 1:13-27

Book 7: Chapter 1

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 1: Verses 13-27
A dialogue between Narada and Yudhisthira : the story of Jaya and Vijaya

On seeing the most wonderful absorption of Sisupala (the ruler of the kingdom of Cedi) into (the divine person of) Lord Sri Krsna (Son of Vasudeva) in the course of the great sacrificial performance called Rajasuya, the celebrated king Yudhisthira (son of Pandu) asked the celestial sage (Narada)--seated there-with a wondering mind the following question in the presence of (other) sages, who were (all) listening. Yudhisthira said : The absorption into Sri Krsna (son of Vasudeva), the supreme Reality-which could not be easily attained even by those exclusively devoted to Him-of Sisupala (the ruler of the kingdom of Cedi), His bitter enemy-Oh, this was indeed most wonderful. We all as a matter of fact wish to know (the reason of) this, O sage; (for we know that) king Vena (the father of Prthu) was (all but) hurled into hell by the Brahma, as due to his blaspheming the Lord. The sinful Sisupala (the son of Damaghosa), as well as the evil-minded Dantavaktra, had a grudge against Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) ever since he (Siaupala) began to lisp till now (when he was slain by Him). (Patches of) white leprosy (leucoderma) did not appear on their tongue even as they blasphemed more than once Sri Krsna (the all-pervading Lord), who is (no other than) the supreme and imperishable Brahma (the Absolute); nor did they enter the blinding darkness (of hell). How. did they attain absorption directly into the aforesaid Lord, whose reality cannot be easily grasped, while all the people (assembled on the spot) stood looking on? My mind is wavering on this point even as the flame of a light is unsteady under the action of wind; (for) this was (something) most wonderful. Omniscient as you are, kindly tell me the cause of it.

Sri Suka went on : The divine sage Narada was pleased to hear this question of king Yudhisthira and, addressing him, narrated the following stories within the hearing of his courtiers. Narada said : The body is brought into being through lack of discrimination, O king, between Prakrti (Matter) and Purusa (the Spirit, which lies beyond Prakrti) for (experiencing pleasure and pain through) calumny and eulogy, honour and contumely. Just as due to identification with this body appears in (the mind of) living beings in this world differentiation in the shape of "I" and "mine" and there (also) arises (a feeling of) pain as a result of resort to force and reproachful language, and even as the destruction of living beings is (considered as) non-different from the destruction of the body to which attaches the aforesaid notion (of "I" and "mine"), there is no such notion (of identity) in Sri Krsna, the Universal Spirit, because of His being One without a second. On what ground, then, can violence be ascribed to Him, who was indeed the chastiser of His foes (in their own interests)? Therefore, one should (anyhow) fix one's mind on Him either through constant enmity or through devotion (which is free from enmity towards any creature whatsoever) or fear or affection or love. By doing so he will in no way perceive anything else (than the Lord). A mortal may not attain such absorption into Him by fixing his mind on Him through devotion as through constant hostility: such is my conclusion. The caterpillar imprisoned by a wasp in (its nest on) a wall and constantly thinking of the latter through (intensity of) hatred and fear attains a form similar to the wasp.



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