Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 81:1-14

Book 10: Eighty-one (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 81: Verses 1-14

The story of parched rice brought as a Present (for Sri Krsna) by Sudama

Sri Suka began again : ( Pariksit!) Bhagavan Sri Krsna knows the mind of all beings. He is devoted to Brahmanas (always takes care to relieve their suffering) and is the sole refuge of saints. Thus heartily talking alongwith that honourable Brahmana, He now smilingly spoke to His dear comrade in a jesting mood looking at him with eyes full of affection. The glorious Lord said : "0 friend, what present have you brought for Me from your house? I consider as great even a small present offered by the devotee with real love; but a lot of things offered without devotion do not bring Me pleasure. Whosoever offers to Me with love a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even water, I accept and heartily enjoy that offering of love by that man of purified intellect." Pariksit, though encouraged by the Lord in this way, the Brahmana, feeling shy, did not present the handful of beaten rice to the Lord of Laksmi (the goddess of wealth) Himself. He (simply) hung his head. But the Lord, who sees the mind of all beings, knew the cause of his visit. He said to Himself, "This Brahmana is a great friend of Mine; he never sought wealth from Me before. He approached Me now, at the entreaty of his devoted wife, whom he is naturally anxious to please. I shall bestow on him a fortune which is difficult of attainment even by the immortals." Reflecting thus, the Lord snatched from under the covering of the Brahmana the beaten rice tied in a rag and said "Dear comrade, what is this? Here you have brought Me something which I like most.
These grains of beaten rice will satisfy not only Me, but the whole world." Saying this, Bhagavan Sri Krsna ate one handful of that beaten rice and took another to eat, when Rukmini, who was a manifestation of the Goddess of Wealth Herself, caught hold of the Lord's hand, for devoted as She was to the Lord Himself, She was unable to leave Him. She said "0 Lord of the universe, this is enough. One handful of rice is sufficient to please You and to bring one an abundance of wealth of all kind in this as well as the next world. (Taking more of it, please do not part with me as well.)" The Brahmana spent the night in Bhagavan Sri Krsna's palace, partook of a hearty repast and felt himself as happy as if he were in the Lord's own paradise. (Pariksit,) the next morning, (taking leave of Bhagavan Sri Krsna) he left for his home. The source of life of the entire universe, the very embodiment of Self-enjoyment, Bhagavan Sri Krsna followed him to some distance, delighted him by sweet and polite words and bowed to him. Even though the Brahmana did not receive any fortune from the Lord directly, he did not ask for anything himself. He felt ashamed of the meanness of his heart. He, however, felt supremely happy for having obtained the blessed sight of Bhagavan Sri Krsna.



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