Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 59:1-10

Book 10: Fifty-nine Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 59: Verses 1-10

The Lord snatches away (by force) a Parijata tree (from Indra's paradise) and kills the demon Naraka (the son of Mother Earth). The king (Pariksit) submitted : (Be pleased to) recount the aforesaid exploit of Sri Krsna (the Wielder of the Sarnga bow)--how the demon Naraka (son of Mother Earth) was made short work of by the Lord and wherefore the aforementioned damsels were kept in bondage (by the former). Sri Suka replied : Having been apprised of the (nefarious) activities of the demon Naraka (son of Mother Earth) by Indra, whose umbrella[1] (one of the insignia of sovereignty) had been snatched away (by the demon), (nay,) whose mother (Aditi) had been robbed (by him) of her ear-rings and who had been evicted (by the same demon) from the summit (called Maniparvata) of Mount Mandara (the mountain of the gods), the Lord rode on (His carrier) Garuda (the king of birds) alongwith His (favourite) spouse (Satyabhama)[2] and flew to Pragjyotisapura (the capital of Naraka and the premier town of Pragjyotisa, now identified with Assam), fortified (as it was) on all sides with ramparts of mountains and weapons (such as artillery), (nay,) rendered difficult of access due to its belts of water, fire and wind, and encircled with myriads of dreadful and strong snares laid (here and there) by the demon Mura (an associate and follower of Naraka). Sri Krsna (the Wielder of a mace) shattered down the (ramparts of) mountains with His mace, (known by the name of Kaumodaki), the fortifications of weapons with His shafts, (the belts of) fire, water and wind with His discus (Sudarsana) and the snares laid by Mura with His sword. He blew down the engines (fixed on the ramparts) and broke down the hearts of the gallant (defenders) with the (blasts of) His (famous) conch (Pancajanya), and the fortification wall with His massive mace.
Hearing the blast of Pancajanya, terrific as the clap of thunder (heard) at the end of a Kalpa (marking the dissolution of the universe), the five-headed demon Mura rose from under the water (of the moat), where he had been lying asleep. Lifting up his trident, the terrible demon, who shone like the sun and fire appearing at the end of a Kalpa and (as such) was difficult to gaze at, darted at the Lord, even as a serpent would rush at Garuda (son of the sage Kasyapa), devouring as it were (all) the three worlds with his five (gaping) mouths. Brandishing his trident and hurling it with force at Garuda, the demon roared with (all) his five mouths. Filling the horizon and the atmosphere as well as all the four quarters, the great roar covered the entire cosmos. By a pair of shafts discharged with (great) vigour Sri Krsna split into three the trident even as it came flying at Garuda and struck in return his (wide open) mouths with (more) shafts. Mura too hurled his mace in indignation at Sri Krsna. With His own mace Sri Krsna (elder Brother of Gada) split into thousands of splinters the said mace (even) as it came flying on the battle-field. (Nay,) the invincible Lord lopped off in mere sport with His discus (all) the (five) heads of the demon as he rushed at Him lifting up his arms.



  1. The demon had snatched away (as a matter of fact) the umbrella of Indra's own brother Varuna (the guardian of the western quarter and the god of water) and not his own (vide verse 23 of Discourse LIX). But, as the head and overlord of all the Lokapalas and the ruler of all the three worlds, he deemed this as an encroachment upon his own sovereign rights and a direct affront to himself and hence considered himself deprived of his own umbrella.
  2. The Lord had conferred a boon on Mother Earth saying that He would not take the life of her son Naraka without her consent. And Satyabhama being an incarnation of Mother Earth, the Lord took her with Him in order to secure her consent before killing the demon. Again, it is mentioned in the scriptures that Indra complained to the Lord about the behaviour of the demon and sought redress of his grievances while He was staying in the palace of Satyabhama.
    Hence He took her just for her diversion.

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