Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 44:1-13

Book 10: Forty-four Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 44: Verses 1-13
Kamsa slain (by the Lord)

Sri Suka began again : Challenged thus, Lord Madhusudana of unflinching resolution immediately closed with Canura, and Balarama (son of Rohini) with Mustika. Interlacing their hands with the hands and their feet with the feet of their rival, Sri Krsna and Canura (and even so Balarama and Mustika) tugged at one another vehemently with intent to overthrow their opponent. They struck with their elbows the two elbows, with their knees the knees, with their head the head and with their chest the chest of each other.They tried to frustrate each other by revolving, pushing, squeezing in their arms, throwing down, and slipping to the front or to the rear of their opponent. Eager to score a victory over each other, they hurt the body of their adversary by lifting up, carrying, throwing back and even fixing him to a spot. Full of compassion all the ladies (present there) collected in batches and spoke to one another about the contest being ill-matched (as going on between strong and feeble rivals), 0 king ! "it is gross unrighteousness on the part of the king's courtiers, who countenance such a contest alas! between the strong and the weak while the king sits looking on ! What comparison can there be between the two wrestlers (Canura and Mustika) of adamantine frame and closely resembling a pair of two large mountains (on the one hand) and the two lads (Balarama and Sri Krsna) of extremely delicate limbs, who have not yet attained their youth (on the other)?
Forfeiture of religious merit (earned in the past) will surely fall to the lot of this assembly. As a matter of fact one should never stay there where unrighteousness fully rears its head. Recognizing the faults of those present in an assembly a wise man should not (even) enter that assembly; (for) a man keeping silent (even though knowing a fact), making a false statement (in order to please those assembled) or pleading ignorance (surely) incurs sin. Mark the lotus face-dripping all over with perspiration even like a lotus bud sprinkled with water-of Sri Krsna quickly shifting His position about His adversary. Don't you see the face of Balarama with reddish eyes, full of wrath as it is for Mustika and enlivened by a bellicose spirit accompanied with risibility ? Ah, blessed is the soil of Vraja on which treads in a merrily sportful spirit this Most Ancient Person-whose feet are adored (even) by Lord Siva (the Guardian of Mount Kailasa) and Rama (the goddess of beauty and prosperity)-disguised in a human semblance and adorned with sylvan flowers of various kinds, tending cows in the company of Balarama and playing on His flute.



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