Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 30:23-35

Book 10: Thirtieth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 30: Verses 23-35

Tied to another Gopi, that had been seated in such a way as to pass for a mortar, with a garland by another (who played the role of Sri Krsna's mother) and (consequently) afraid, one delicate lady of that lot with lovely eyes covered her face and put up a show of fear. Thus (imitating the pastimes of the Lord and) enquiring of the creepers and trees of Vrndavana (once more) about Sri Krsna, the cowherd women noticed in a certain part of the forest the footprints of the Lord (embodying the Supreme Spirit). (They said to one another,) "Surely these are the footprints of the high-souled Darling of Nanda since they are (easily) distinguished through the marks of a flag, a lotus, a thunderbolt, a goad, a barley seed and soon. Tracking His path with the help of those footprints, the poor women felt sore at heart to find before them the said footprints interspersed with those of a lady and spoke to one another (as follows):- "Whose footprints can these be? Who is she that has gone (this side) in the company of Sri Krsna (the Darling of Nanda) with His forearm placed on her shoulder, (even) like a she-elephant walking by the side of a male elephant? The almighty Lord Sri Hari has surely been propitiated by this lady in that, leaving us (all), Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) has been pleased to take her apart. Oh, blessed are those particles of dust under the feet of Govinda, 0 friends, that (even) Brahma (the creator), Lord Siva and Goddess Rama have borne on the crown of their head in order to drive away their agony of separation (from Him).
Those footprints, that meet our eyes, of that lady, who having stolen away Sri Krsna enjoys alone in secret the (nectar of) lips of that immortal Lord, the (common) property of the Gopis are causing great agitation in our mind. (Proceeding further the Gopis remarked.) her footprints are not to be noticed here. Surely the Darling has lifted up His lady-love, whose delicate soles were being pricked with (sharp) blades of grass. 0 cowherd women, behold these footprints, sunk deeper (into the soil), of the love-stricken Sri Krsna who was (apparently) weighed down by a (heavy) load, carrying His sweetheart (as He did). (Going still further, the Gopis observed,) on this spot the lady-love has (obviously) been set down by the high-souled Lord for the sake of (gathering) flowers.* (Moving still further they said,) here flowers have been gathered by the Darling for the sake of His beloved, behold these impressions, which are not entire, indicating that the Lord (evidently) trod on the fore part of His feet (here).(Proceeding still further, they said,) here it seems the hair of that loving lady have been done by the love-stricken Lord, while here the Lord has surely squatted (on the ground) while fastening the flowers to her braid." (Sri Suka continued) though (ever) delighted in Himself and sporting with His own self and remaining unaffected (by the charms of lovely women), Sri Krsna toyed with that lady in order to illustrate the wretched plight of the love-stricken as well as the evil-mindedness of women.



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