Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 20:13-25

Book 10: Twentieth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 20: Verses 13-25

All the inhabitants of land and water put on a winning form and appearance through the use of fresh (rain) water (even) as devotees attain an attractive (divine) form through the worship of Sri Hari. United with rivers, the ocean, which was (already) rough with waves generated by winds, became (all the more) turbulent (even) as the mind of an immature Yogi, tinged (as it is) with desire, gets agitated when brought into contact with sense-objects. Beaten by volleys of rain, mountains did not feel the least agitated any more than those whose mind is fixed on Lord Visnu (who is above sense-perception) when they are overwhelmed with calamities. Overgrown with grass and remaining untrodden (for a long time), the tracks became doubtful indeed even like the texts of the Vedas which are not properly studied by the Brahmanas and are consigned to oblivion by the force of time. Flashes of lightning did not bear constancy to the clouds, which are the friends of the people, any more than libidinous women are constant (even) to men possessed of virtues. In the sky, endowed with the attribute of sound, the rainbow (Indra's bow) without a string[1] shone like the attributeless Being (Brahma) in the manifest world consisting of the three Gunas.
Screened by clouds illumined by her own effulgence, the moon did not shine any more than the Jiva (an embodied soul) obscured by the ego-sense which is illumined by its (the Jiva's) own light. Exulting over the appearance of clouds, with their hair standing on end, peacocks rejoiced (even) as householders feeling agonized and disgusted with the world do on the advent of servants of Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord). Sucking water through their roots trees, that had shrunk heretofore due to (the summer) heat, got regenerated into numerous forms (in the shape of fresh foliage, blossoms, fruits etc.), (even) as ascetics that are emaciated and fatigued before through austerities grow robust again through the enjoyment of pleasures. Cranes continued to live, 0 Pariksit, even in lakes whose brink was miry and full of thorns etc., (even) as householders whose mind is devoted to the pleasures of sense choose to remain in their houses, which keep them engaged in distracting duties. While Indra (the ruler of the three worlds) poured down showers, dams got breached by floods (even) as in the Kali age the paths of virtue chalked out by the Vedas are destroyed by the false theories of heretics. Driven by the winds, clouds now poured down nectar-like water to living beings (even) as rulers of men, directed by the Brahmanas, conferred from time to time desired boons (on those who sought them). Surrounded by cows and cowherd boys and accompanied by Balarama, Sri Hari entered deep into the said forest (of Vrndavana)-which was so luxuriant and full of ripe dates and rose-apples-in order to sport.



  1. There is a pun on the word Gunas, which denotes an attribute as well as a string.

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