Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 18:13-26

Book 10: Eighteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 18: Verses 13-26

Sometimes, while others danced, the two Brothers Themselves sang or sounded the instruments or applauded the dancers, 0 great king, by exclaiming "Well done ! Bravo!" They would now play with Bilva fruits, now with Kumbha fruits and now with handfuls of myrobalans, and now divert Themselves by not allowing others to touch one's person, now by shutting another's eyes and (allowing him to guess who has done it) and other (similar) sports and now by mimicking beasts and birds, now by leaping like frogs and cutting jokes of various kinds, now by swinging (with the help of boughs of trees) and now by playing the part of kings. In this way They rambled in the forest diverting Themselves with popular sports in streams, mountain valleys and bowers as well as in woods and ponds. (One day) while Balarama and Sri Krsna were grazing the cattle in that forest in the company of (other) cowherds, a demon named Pralamba arrived there in the guise of a cowherd boy with intent to kidnap the two Brothers. Though knowing him (his real character), the all-perceiving Lord, who had appeared in the race of the Dasarhas, approved of his friendship, contemplating the means of killing him. Calling by his side to that spot (all) the cowherds, Sri Krsna, who was well-versed in play, said, "O cowherd boys, let us play (this time) dividing ourselves suitably into two camps.
" In that game, the cowherd boys made Balarama and Sri Krsna (lit., He who is solicited by the people) their leader; some (of them) joined the group of Sri Krsna, while others took the side of Balarama. They played various games which were characterized by the role of mounts (in the case of one party) and that of riders (in the case of the other party). In these games those who won rode, while the worsted ones carried the former. (Thus) carrying and being carried, and pasturing their cattle-wealth, they (all) with Sri Krsna going ahead reached a banyan tree, Bhandiraka by name. When (on one occasion) Sridama, Vrsabha and others, who had taken the side of Balarama, had the upper hand in the game, Sri Krsna and others, 0 protector of men, carried them. Having been worsted, Lord Sri Krsna bore Sridama; Bhadrasena, Vrsabha; and Pralamba, Balarama (the son of Rohini). Thinking Sri Krsna to be unbearable (for him, he chose to remain on His side) and acting as a mount for Balarama, Pralamba (the foremost among the Danavas) ran posthaste beyond the limit fixed for demounting the riders. Bearing on his back Balarama, who had assumed the weight of Mount Meru (the chief of the mountains),the mighty demon found that his speed had altogether disappeared and, having resumed his own (demoniac) form and, adorned with gold ornaments, he shone like a cloud illumined with flashes of lightning and bearing the moon (the ruler of the stars) on its back.



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