Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 12:33-41

Book 10: Twelfth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 12: Verses 33-41

Setting ablaze with its lustre (all) the ten directions, a weird and powerful (column of) light rose from the robust body of the serpent, paused awhile in the air awaiting the Lord's exit and (presently) entered Him while the denizens of heaven looked on (with wonder). Immensely rejoiced, the latter then offered (their) worship to the Lord, who had accomplished their purpose-the gods by (showering) flowers and Apsaras through dances, the Gandharvas and others (noted for their charming songs) through their songs and Vidyadharas and others (well-versed in instrumental music), by (playing on) their instruments, the Brahmanas through (their) hymns of praise and his own attendants and devotees through shouts of victory. Hearing the auspicious sounds of those wonderful panegyrics, melodious instruments and songs and shouts of victory etc., connected with a number of festivities, close to his own abode (Satyaloka, the higest heaven). Brahma- (the birthless one) came (to the spot) at once and felt astonished to witness the Lord's glory. 0 Pariksit, the weird skin at Vrndavana of that python, when dry, served for a long time as a great hollow for the sports of the inhabitants of Vraja. Observing (that very moment) this exploit of Sri Hari-in the shape of delivering themselves as well as the serpent from Death (in the guise of Aghasura in their own case and in the guise of rebirth in the case of the serpent)-done in the fifth year, the (cowherd) boys recounted it, full of astonishment, in Vraja in His sixth year (that is, a year later) ! It is no wonder on the part of the Supreme-who had assumed the semblance of a human child-
the Creator of the high (Brahma and others) and the low (the sub-human creation), that even Aghasura, (all) whose sins had been washed away by His very touch, attained oneness with Him, which is as a matter of fact most difficult to attain on the part of the unrighteous. Having actually entered the body of Aghasura, what indeed would He not give to that demon-the Lord who has kept Maya at a respectable distance (from Himself) by virtue of His eternal realization of the blissful nature of His Self, nay, (even) a conceptual image of whose personality once installed in the mind has conferred the divine state (on devotees like Khatwanga) ! Suta continued : Having thus heard, 0 Brahmanas, the wonderful story of his Protector, Emperor Pariksit (who had been gifted to his grandfather by Sri Krsna, the Lord of the Yadavas), questioned the sage Suka (the son of Vyasa) once more about the same sacred story, that had captivated his mind. The king said : How could an act done at a distant time be conceived as having taken place at the present time, 0 holy one ? (For you have just said that) the cowherd boys related in His sixth year what had been done by Sri Hari (Sri Krsna) in His fifth year.



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