Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 11:1-14

Book 10: Eleventh Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 11: Verses 1-14
Destruction of Vatsasura and Bakasura

Sri Suka began again : Hearing the noise of the two falling trees, and disturbed with the fear of 'a thunderbolt, the cowherds headed by Nanda came to that spot, 0 jewel among the Kurus ! They saw there the two Arjuna trees fallen to the ground. Failing (however) to perceive the cause of their fall, (though) obvious in the shape of the infant (Sri Krsna) dragging the mortar tied (to Him) with a cord, they wondered whose work it was and from what source that strange phenomenon could be. They were alarmed to think that it was an evil portent and felt (utterly) bewildered. The infants (who happened to be playing there) said, "The trees were uprooted by (none else than) this chap, who had taken his position between the trees while dragging the mortar, that had fallen aslant. We also saw two men (rising from their midst)." The cowherds (however) did not credit their report because (they thought that) it was not possible for that child to uproot the two (huge) trees in that way.
Others (who recollected that it was the child Sri Krsna that had taken the life of Putana and throttled the demon Trnavarta the other day) stood with their mind full of doubt.Finding his son dragging the mortar, though (himself) tied with a cord, Nanda with a laughing countenance set him completely free, so the tradition goes. Encouraged by the cowherdesses (by means of coaxing words and assurances), the Lord now danced like an (ordinary) infant and now sang guilelessly at the top of His voice, behaving like a puppet (wholly) subject to their will. Ordered (by them) He would now bear a wooden seat, a measure or a pair of wooden sandals and strike on His arms (like a veteran wrestler), causing delight to His kinsmen (thereby). Demonstrating in the world to those who knew Him (His divinity) His own subjection to the will of His servants, the Lord indeed brought joy to (the land of) Vraja through His infantile sports. Hearing the words " 0 buy fruits 1" and taking foodgrains (in the hollow of His palms) Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord), the Dispenser of fruit to all, went forth in haste desirous of fruits.
The fruiteress filled with fruits both His palms even though the foodgrains (contained in them) had slipped (through the gap between His finger); and the fruit basket (of the fruiteress in its turn) got filled with precious stones On a certain (subsequent) day the venerable Rohini called Sri Krsna, who had felled the Arjuna trees, and Balarama, both fondly playing with (other) children on the .river bank. When in Their fondness for play the two Boys did not return (even) though called, Rohini sent Yasoda, who was (deeply) affectionate towards her son. Yasoda repeatedly shouted for Sri Krsna, who had been playing with His elder brother (Balarama) and (other) children beyond the limit of time, her breasts overflowing from affection for her son:-



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