Srimad Bhagavadgita -Ramsukhdas 986

Srimad Bhagavadgita Sadhaka Sanjivani -Swami Ramsukhdas


Chapter 10

Link:- After listening to the words of the Lord, pertaining to His uncommon grace, Arjuna being influenced by His grace, praises Him, by using several adjectives, in the next four verses.

arjuna uvaca
param brahma param dhama pavitram paramam bhavan
purusam sasvatam divyamadidevamajam vibhum
ahnstvamcayah sarve devarsiruaradastatha
asito devalo vyasah svayam caiva bravisi me

Arjuna said:-
You are the Supreme Brahma (eternal) (pure-consciousness), the Supreme Abode, the Supreme Purifier, the Eternal Divine Person, the Prime Deity, the Unborn, the Omnipresent Likewise all the sages, have acclaimed You, as also the celestial sage Narada, so also Arita, Deride and Vyasa; and You Yourself, also have proclaimed, this to me. 12.13
Pared' brahma parah dhama pavitram paramam bhavan:- Arjuna, while praising Lord Krsna, says to Him, that He is the Supreme Imperishable Brahma, as He said to him in response to his question (Gita 8/3), He is the Supreme Abode in Whom the entire universe rests (Gila 9/18). And He is the most sacred.
'Purusam sasvatam divyamadidevamajam vibbmn ahustvamrcayab sarve devarsirnaradastatha asito devalo vyasah svayam caiva bravisi me'—In the holy books, such as the Mahabharata etc., the sages,[1] celestial sage Narada,[2] other sage Asita and his son, sage Devala[3] and also great sage Vyasa[4] have acclaimed'Him as Eternal, Divine Person, Primeval God, Unborn and Omnipresent.
As soul, He is eternal (Gitd 2/20), as formless and having attributes, He is Divine Person (Gita 8/10), as the source of gods and great seers, He is the Prime Deity (Gita 10/2). The ignorant folk do not recognize Him, as the unborn (Gita 7/25) while the undeluded know Him, as unborn (Gita 10/3). All the universe, is pervaded by- Him, in His unmanifest form (Gita 9/4) and He Himself declares, that He is Omnipresent in this verse.



  1. Sage Markandeya has said, "Lord Krsna is the religious sacrifice of all the religious sacrifices, austerity of austerities and He is present, past and future" (Mafia. Bhisma 68/3). Sage Bhrgu dectares that He is God of the gods and He is the supreme aboriginal Lord Visnu (Maha. Bhisma. 68/4). Sage Angira declares, "He is the creator of all beings" Naha. Bhisma. 68/6). Sanatkumara etc., have said, "The sky and the earth exist by His forehead and arms respectively. All the three worlds are situated in His stomach. He is the Eternal Person. A striver can know. Him by purifying his heart through austerity. He is superior even to the seers who are satisfied by realizing God. He is the Supreme Goal of the generous royal sages who never flee batttefield" (Maha. Bhisma. 68/8—10).
  2. Celestial sage Nareda declares—"Lord Krsna is the creator of all the worlds and knower of all feelings. He is the Lord of the lords, of deities and the gods" (Maha. Bhisma. 68/2).
  3. Asia to and Devata s ages declare - "Lord Krsna is the only creator of Brahma and all the worlds" (Matta. Vans. 12/50).
  4. Great sage Vyasa declares -"You are the Lard of the Vasus (a class of gods). You have conferred power on rndra, the king of the gods and You are the Supreme Lord of the gods" (Maha. Bhisma 6815).