• Shakuni was a prince of Gandhar, son of king Subal
  • He was the brother of Gandhari, and hence the brother-in-law of king Dhritrashtra and the maternal uncle of the Kauravs
  • Shakuni stayed in Hastinapur after Gandhari's marriage to Dhritrashtra.
  • He was the counsellor of Duryodhan, and sowed the seeds of hatred for the Pandavs in Duryodhan's mind.
  • He was behind all the evil deeds of Duryodhan. Shakuni was also a skilful gambler and was also known for his foul play. Hence, he was selected to play against Yudhishthir in the infamous game of dice, which resulted in the Pandavs going into exile for thirteen years.
  • Shakuni was killed in the Mahabharat war by the Pandav prince Sahdeva.