• Satyabhama was a daughter of king Satrajit.
  • She was one of the eight principal wives of Krishna and gave birth to ten sons.
  • When Krishna recovered the Syamantak gem from Jambvan, he returned it to Satrajit, its rightful owner.
  • In appreciation, Satrajit offered him his daughter's hand in marriage.
  • The Syamantak gem was also offered as dowry, but Krishna did not accept it.
  • Once, Krishna and Satyabhama flew to Devlok on Garud, when she saw the Parijat tree. She fell in love with it and wanted to have it.
  • Indra declined to give it and a battle took place between the latter and Krishna, in which Krishna emerged victor and he returned to earth with the Parijat tree, where it was planted in Satyabhama's garden.