Gyaneshwari 242

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Esoteric Knowledge

Kindly pay attention to me; then you will become deserving of great bliss. I promise this, please give heed. I do not speak this out of pride, but I am entreating you out of affection in this audience of all-knowing persons to listen to me. Since I have rich parents like you, I am assured of the fulfillment of all my fond wishes and desires. The arbors of bliss are blooming through the coolness shed by your glances and tired that I am, I am resting under full-grown cool shade of your grace. O saints, you are a pool of nectar-like happiness, from which we receive moisture of your grace, as we desire. If I feel shy of entreating you, how shall I get peace of mind (1-5)?

When the child begins to lisp or walk with a limping gate, the mother admires it and becomes delighted. I am soliciting your favor with great ardour, so that I can receive the affection of holy men like you. Compared to my ability to speak, listeners are all-knowing. It is like teaching a child of the Goddess of learning to write on a slate. How can the glow-worm, however big, show itself off before the sun? What dishes can you serve along with nectar?


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