Gyaneshwari 124

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



Arjuna said:

1. You praise renunciation of action, O Krishna, and again of their selfless performance. Tell me decidedly which one is better of the two. Then Partha said to Lord Krishna, “Why do you talk like this? If you say something definite, then one can reflect upon it. Earlier you had described the way of renunciation variously; then why are you urging me to take to the way of action? Your ambiguous talk does not make sense to me, who am dull-witted. Listen, if you wish to instruct me in a particular doctrine, you talk about it only. Need one tell you this? I had earlier requested you not to express the highest truth in rhetorics (1-5).

Leave alone what happened before, but tell me now which of these two paths is superior. Such a path must be reliable, result-oriented, and one which is well-defined and easy to follow. It should be facile like a palanquin in which one can travel any distance without loss of sleep.”