Gyaneshwari 115

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar



30. And others regulate their food and sacrifice their vital breaths into vital breaths. All these are knowers of sacrifice who have destroyed their sins through sacrifice. Others control their intake of food with the aid of Hathayoga and sacrifice their vital breaths swiftly in the vital breaths. In this way all those who are desirous of liberation are wont to perform sacrifices, to wash off by that means all their mental impurities. When their ignorance is destroyed, their essential nature alone remains, and then they do not have the notion of distinction between the fire and the sacrifice. Then the desires of the sacrifice come to an end, and thereafter all actions cease (146-150).

Then that (wisdom) which is not penetrated by thought and reason is not defiled by the blemish of duality.

31. Those who drink the elixir of the sacrificial remains attain to Brahman. This world is not for the non-sacrificer, much less the other world, O Arjuna. This pure wisdom, established from eternity, which is the remains of knowledge-sacrifice is the one which those devoted to Brahman experience by repeating the sacred formula, ‘I am Brahman’. In this way those satiated with the elixir of the remains of sacrifice become immortal and attain the state of Brahman. Dispassion does not espouse those who do not perform Yogasacrifice and do not worship the fire of self-control from birth. When these do not find happiness here, why ask about the next world? There is no need to talk about it, O son of Pandu (151155).