Gita Rahasya -Tilak 192

Gita Rahasya -Tilak


This description in the Dasabodha given by Samartha Ramadasa is based on this idea. Bnt it must not be forgotten that by the union of five ( pancikarana ) only gross objects or gross bodies come into existence, and this gross body must become united first with subtle organs and next with the Atman or the Spirit before it becomes a living body. I must also make it clear here that this union of five, which has been described in the later Vedanta works, is not to he found in the ancient TJpanisads. In the Chandogyopanisad, these Tanmatras or primordial elements are not considered to be five; but brilliance, water and food (earth) are the only three which are considered as subtle fundamental elements, and the entire diverse universe is said to have come into existence by the mixture of these three, that is, by 'trivrtkarana' ; and it is stated in the Svetasvataropanisad that: "ajam ekam lohitasuklakrsnam bahvih prajah Srjamanam sarupah" ( Sveta. 4. 5 ), i. e., "this she-goat (aja) is red, or of the nature of fire ; and white, or of the nature of water; and black, or of the nature of earth ; and is thus made of three elements of three colours, and from it all creation (praja) embodied in Name and Form has been created. In the 6th chapter of the Chandogyopanisad has been given the conversation between Svetaketu and his father. In it, the father of Svetaketu clearly tells him : "O, my son I in the commencement of the world, there was nothing except 'ekam evadvitlyam sat' (single and unseconded sat), that is to say, nothing else except one homogeneous and eternal Parabrahman. How can 'sat' (something which exists) come into existence out of 'asat' (something which does not exist) ? Therefore, in the beginning sat pervaded everything. Then that sat conceived the desire of becoming multifarious, that is, heterogeneous, and from it grew one by one, brilliance ftejas) water (apa) and food (prithvi) in their subtle forms. Then, after the Parabrahman had entered these three elements in the form -of Life, all the various things in the universe which are identified hy Name and Form came into existence as a result of the union of those three (trivrtkarana).


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