Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 21:61-70

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Çryäga-bi Indra-haïjana

Breaking the Indra-yajïa

Chapter 21: Verse 61-70



61.Food not offered to Lord Viñëu is stool. Water not offered to Lord Viñëu is urine. This is true for everyone, but it is especially true for the brähmaëas.

62.If, not offering it first to a demigod, a person offers food to a brähmaëa, the demigod becomes pleased and eats through the brähmaëa's mouth. The donor then goes to Svargaloka.

63.Therefore, with all carefulness please worship the brähmaëas, who give the best results both in this life and the next.

64.Better than chanting mantras, performing austerities, worship, and yajïas, giving charity, and celebrating great festivals, is pleasing the brähmaëas and giving gifts to them. Pleasing the brähmaëas is the best of all pious deeds.

65.All demigods stay in the brähmaëas' bodies. All holy places stay in the brähmanas' feet. All pious deeds stay in the dust from the brähmaëas' feet.

66.The waters of all holy places stay in water that has washed the brähmaëas' feet. By touching that water one attains the result of bathing in all holy places.

67.O gopa, by devotedly drinking that water one becomes cured of disease and freed from the sins of seven births. Of this there is no doubt.

68.If he bows down before a brähmaëa, a sinner who has committed the five kinds of sins becomes free of all sins. He attains the result of bathing at all holy places.

69.Simply by touching a brähmaëa, a resident of hell becomes released. Simply by seeing a brähmana, one becomes free from sins. This is said in the Vedas.

70.Intelligent or not, a brähmaëa is the form of Lord Viñnu. The brähmanas that serve Lord Viñnu are more dear than life to Him.



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