Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 21:41-50

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Çryäga-bi Indra-haïjana

Breaking the Indra-yajïa

Chapter 21: Verse 41-50



41.. . . whose handsome dark form, splendid with beautiful yellow garments, was like a monsoon cloud and glittering lightning, . . .

42. . . . whose topknot, tied with guïjä and kunda flowers, was like a rainbow shining with many stars in the sky, . . .

43.. . . and whose splendid smile, shining with jewel earrings, was like a autumn lotus blossoming in the moonlight.

44.Then the brähmaëas, kñatriyas, vaiçyas, sages, and gopas happily bowed down before the Lord and gave Him a seat on a jewel throne.

45.Then Lord Kåñëa, the master of the universes sat on the golden throne. He was like an autumn moon shining in the midst of many splendid stars.

46.Everyone stood up and offered prayers to Lord Kåñëa, the splendid and eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose desires are all fulfilled and who is beyond the modes of nature.

47.Seeing the great festival, Lord Kåñëa, the most learned scholar of the Niti-çästras, spoke of the philosophy of right conduct, His words beyond the reach of even the greatest philosophers.

48.Çri Kåñëa said: O king of the gopas, O saintly one, what are you doing here? Who is being worshiped? How are you worshiping him? What is the result of this worship?

49.What is the method employed to attain the result? What is the result attained by employing this method? If the object of worship is displeased how will he punish the worshiper?

50.If the object of worship is pleased what result will he give in this life and the next? Some worship brings results in this life but not in the next, and other worship brings results not in this but only in the next life.



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