Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 20:51-60

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Stealing the Calves

Chapter 20: Verse 51-60



51.I offer my respectful obeisances to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is happiness, pain, the giver of happiness, the giver of pain, piety, the giver of piety, the giver of auspiciousness, and the seed of auspiciousness.

52.After reciting these prayers, Brahmä returned the cows, calves, and boys. He wept. Falling like a stick to the ground, he offered obeisances to the Lord.

53.-54.O sage, Brahmä, the creator of the universe then opened his eyes. Again He saw the same charming Supreme Personality of Godhead, surrounded by all the gopas and sitting on a golden throne under a banyan tree. Again offering obeisances to Him, the demigod Brahmä returned to his own abode.

55.A person who regularly reads these prayers of the demigod Brahmä lives happily in this world and at the end goes to Lord Kåñëa's spiritual abode.

56.He attains a spiritual form like the Lord's. He stays near the Lord. He becomes a personal associate of the Lord. He attains peerless direct service to the Lord.

57.Çri Näräyaëa Åñi said: After the creator Brahmä had left for Brahmaloka, Lord Kåñna, the all-powerful Supreme Personality of Godhead, returned with the boys to His home.

58.In this way at the end of a year the cows, calves, and boys returned to their homes. By the influence of Lord Kåñëa's yogamäyä potency they all thought that only a single day had passed.

59.When the real boys, cows, and calves returned, the gopas and gopis did not suspect that anything had changed. How can a form created by a mystic yogi be counted as young or old?

60.O brähmaëa, thus I have related Lord Kåñëa's auspicious and sacred pastimes, which are always pleasing and delightful, and which bring liberation.



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