Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 19:121-130

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Subduing Käliya and Extinguishing the Forest Fire

Chapter 19: Verse 121-130



121.Because of Saubhari Muni's curse, Garuòa could not come there. The frightened snakes went there.

122.Çri Närada said: O sage, why did Saubhari Muni curse Garuòa? Why was Garuòa, the carrier of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, not able to go to that lake?

123.Çri Näräyaëa Åñi said: For a hundred thousand celestial years the perfect yogi Saurabhi stayed there, performing austerities and meditating on Lord Kåñëa's lotus feet.

124.Near the meditating sage a çakula fish fearlessly and happily swam back and forth with its associates in the Yamunä water.

125.Accompanied by its friends, the fish would raise its tail and earnestly swim around the sage, happily coming and going again and again.

126.Looking again and again at the big and fat çakula fish, Garuòa quickly grabbed it in his beak in the sage's presence.

127.With angry eyes the sage saw the fish being abducted. Seeing the sage's anger, Garuòa dropped the fish and it fell back into the water.

128.Frightened of Garuòa, the fish stayed in front of the sage. The sage spoke to Garuòa, who wanted to retake the fish.

129.Çri Saubhari said: O king of birds, get away from me! Go far away from me! What right have you to grab this big fish in my presence?

130.You think that because You carry Lord Kåñëa you are so very important. Lord Kåñna can create many millions of carriers like you.



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