Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 19:1-10

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


Subduing Käliya and Extinguishing the Forest Fire

Chapter 19: Verse 1-10



1.One day, with the boys and without Balaräma, Lord Kåñna went to the Yamunä's hore, to the place where Kaliya had his home.

2.He ate some fruit from the forest by the Yamunä's shore and He drank the clear water.

3.As He watched over the cows, He played with the boys in the forest.

4.O sages, as Kåñëa, His heart plunged in in the thought of His pastimes, played with the happy boys, the cows ate new grass and then drank poisoned water.

5.Drinking the the water burning with poison, the cows at once gave up their lives.

6.Seeing the cows dead, the frightened and anxious boys told Lord Kåñëa.

7.Aware of everything, Lord Kåñëa brought the cows to life. Standing up, the cows gazed at Lord Kåñëa's face.

8.Climbing a kadamba tree by the Yamunä's shore, Lord Kåñëa, who appeared to be an ordinary human being, dove into the water where Käliya had his home.

9.O Narada, by diving into the water Lord Kåñëa created a great wave a hundred hands high. When the boys saw all this they became both happy and sad.

10.Seeing humanlike Lord Kåñëa, the snake Käliya at once swallowed Him. Then Lord Kåñëa made Himself hot like molten iron.



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