Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 16:81-93

Brahma Vaivarta Purana


The Killing of Baka, Kesi, and Pralamba, and the journey to Vrndavana

Chapter 16: Verse 81-93



81.Then one should worship the five demigods, and then one should devotedly meditate on the Lord Krsna, the master of Sri Radha. Please listen and I will describe to you that meditation.

82.-84.I worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is dark like a new monsoon cloud, who wears yellow silk garments, whose smiling face is an autumn moon, whose eyes are blossoming lotus flowers, who is splendidly anointed with sandal paste, who again and again enchants the gopis’ hearts, on whom Radha gazes, who rests on Radha’s breast, and whom Brahma, Sesa, Siva, Yama and all the demigods glorify with many prayers.

85.With this meditation the woman following the vow should worship Lord Krsna. Then, following the description in the Madhyandina-ruti, one should happily meditate on Sri Radha.

86.-93.I worship beautiful Sri Radha, who is the queen of the rasa-dance, eager to enjoy the rasa-dance, She who stays in the rasa-dance circle, the goddess of the rasa-dance, She who rests on the chest of the rasa-dance’ king, expert at enjoying nectar pastimes, the beloved of He who is expert at enjoying nectar pastimes, she who is the best of they who are expert at enjoying nectar pastimes, who is very graceful, delightful, beautiful, and charming, whose eyes rob the autumn lotus flowers of their splendour, whose eyebrows are gracefully bent, whose eyes are splendid with mascara, whose face is an autumn moon, who has a beautiful gentle smile, whose complexion is the colour of beautiful campaka flowers, who is decorated with sandal paste, a musk dot, sindura dots, and beautiful pictures and design drawn in perfumes, who is splendid in garments pure like fire, whose beautiful cheeks are splendid with jewel earrings, whose breast I splendid with a necklace of the kings of jewels, who is splendid with jewel bracelet, armlets, tinkling anklets, and tinkling ornaments, who I served by Brahma and the demigods and even by Lord Krsna, the supreme object of service for everyone, whom Lord Krsna, the mater of everyone praises with many prayers, and who is the seed from which everything was born.



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