Brahma Vaivarta Purana Chapter 15:171-182

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Sri Radha-Krsna-vivaha

The Wedding of Sri Radha-Krsna

Chapter 15: Verse 171-182



171.-172.O Radha, why do You weep? Remember Krsna’s lotus feet. Until the time of pastimes in the rasa-dance circle, every evening You will leave a shadow of Your form at home and You will come here and enjoy amorous pastimes with Lord Krsna to Your heart’s content. Please don’t weep.

173.O beautiful one, please place on Your lap the infant that I the master of all illusions and the Lord of Your life, abandon Your lamenting and go home.

174.-175.O Narada, hearing these words, Goddess Radha placed the infant Krsna on Her lap. She gazed at the jewel palace, the flower garden, and the forest, and then She suddenly left Vrndavana forest and, travelling as fast as the mind, arrived in half an eyeblink at Nanda’s palace.

176.Her eyes were red and Her clothing in disarray. As She was about to give the infant to Yasoda, Radha sweetly said:

177.I had to endure many difficulties on the path as I tried to carry this very big, hungry, crying, child Your husband gave to Me in the cow-pasture.

178.O Yasoda, the sky was filled with clouds, it rained again and again, and the path was muddy and almost impassable. My clothes were ruined. It was very difficult to carry your child.

179.O saintly Yasoda, please take your boy, give Him your breast, and make Him happy. I have been gone from home a long time. I must return at once.

180.Speaking these words, and giving her the infant Krsna, Radha went home. Saintly Yasoda took her infant, kissed him, and gave Him her breast.

181.From that time on, every evening Radha would leave Her household duties at home, go to that place in Vrndavana forest, and enjoy amorous pastimes with Lord Krsna.

182.O child, in this way I have told you something of Lord Krsna’s beautiful, sacred, peerless, delightful pastimes, which bring to the hearer liberation from the world of birth and death.



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