Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 253

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan


69. na ca tasman manusyesu
kascin me priyakrttamah
bhavita na ca me tasmad
anyah priyataro bhuvi
(69) There is none among men who does dearer service to Me than he; nor shall there be another dearer to Me in the world.The great ones who have crossed the ocean of samsara and help others to cross are the dearest to God

70. adhyesyate e a ya imam
dharmyam samvadam dvayoh
yndnayajnena tend 'ham
istab syam iti me matih
(70) And he who studies this sacred dialogue of ours, by him I would be worshipped through the sacrifice of knowledge, so I hold.

71. sraddhavan anasuyas ca
synuyad api yo nFarah
so 'pi muktah subhaml lokan
prapnuyat punyakarmanam
(71) And the man who listens to it with faith and without scoffing, even he, being liberated, shall attain to the happy worlds of the righteous.

72. Kaccid etac chrutath partha
tvayai 'kagrena cetasa
kaccid ajanasammohah
pranastas te dhanarnjaya
(72) 0 Partha (Arjuna), has this been heard by thee with thy thought fixed to one point ? 0 Winner of wealth (Arjuna), has thy distraction (of thought) caused by ignorance been dispelled?

arjuna uvaca
73. nasto mohah smrtir
labdha tvatprasadan maya 'cyuta
sthito 'smi gatasamdehah
harisye vacanam tava
Arjuna said :
(73) Destroyed is my delusion and recognition has been gained by me through Thy grace, 0 Acyuta (Krsna). I stand firm with my doubts dispelled. I shall act according to Thy word. Arjuna turns to his appointed action, not with an egoistic mind but with self-knowledge[1] His illusions are destroyed, his doubts are dispelled. The chosen instrument of God takes up the duty set to it by the Lord of the world. He will now do God's bidding. He realizes that He made us for His ends, not our own Freedom to choose rightly depends on moral training. Through sheer goodness we rise up to a liberty of spirit, which carries us out of the grossness to which the flesh is prone. Arjuna had the onset of temptation and won his way to a liberating victory He feels that he will fulfil the command of God as He is there to strengthen him. It is our duty to live in the spirit of the verse, "As I am ordained by Thee, 0 Hrsikega, seated in my heart, so I act."[2] Jesus says : "I seek not my own will but the will of Him who sent me." We must live as God would have us live in His eternal life. To will what God wills is the secret of divine life when Jesus cried "May this cup pass from me," He was yet having His own preferences and asked for personal satisfaction He wished to escape the bitter humiliation and death, but when He uttered "Thy will be done," "karisye vacanam tava," he gave up His separate existence and identified Himself with the work of the Father who sent Him[3] This evolution means a great shedding of all pretences and evasions, a stripping of all sheaths, a vastrapaharana, the self-naughting of the soul.


References and Context

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  3. Mark XIV, 32-41. "As the Father gave me commandment, even so I do." John xi, 31.