Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 233

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan

The Nature of the Godlike and the Demoniac Mind

15. adhyo ' bhijanavan asmi
ko 'nyo 'sti sadrso maya
yak ye dasyams modiya
ity ajnanavimohitah
(15) "I am rich and well-born. Who is there like unto me? I shall sacrifice, I shall give, I shall rejoice," thus they (say), deluded by ignorance.

16. anekacittavibhrantei
mohajalasa navrtah
prasaktah kamabhogesu
patanti patanti 'sucau
(16) Bewildered by many thoughts, entangled in the meshes of delusion and addicted to the gratification of desires, they fall into a foul hell.

17. atmasanibhavitah stabdha
yajante namayajnais te
dambhena 'vidhipurvakam
(17) Self-conceited, obstinate, filled with the pride and arrogance of wealth, they perform sacrifices which are so only in name with ostentation and without regard to rules.

18. ahamkaram balm
darpam kamam krodham
ca samsrith mam atinaparadehesu
pradviKanto ' bhyasuyakah
(18) Given over to self-conceit, force and pride and also to lust and anger, these malicious people despise Me dwelling in the bodies of themselves and others.
"God dwells as witness of their evil life." S.

19. fan ahani dvisatah. kruran
samsresu n aradhaman
ksipamy ajasram asubhan
asurisv eva yonisu
(19) These cruel haters, worst of men, I hurl constantly these evil-doers only into the wombs of demons in (this cycle of) births and deaths

20. asurim yonnn apanna
mudka janmaua -yanmani
mam aprapyai 'va kaunteya
taco vanty adhamam
(20) Fallen into the wombs of demons, these deluded beings from birth to birth, do not attain to Me, 0 Son of Kunti (Arjuna), but go down to the lowest state
We are advised to shake off this demoniac nature. This does not mean predestination, for it is said that It is always open to us to turn godward and achieve perfection. It is not impossible at any stage. The Indwelling Spirit is in each soul and that means the hope of Immortality Is always there. Even the greatest sinner,
if he turns to God, can achieve freedom. See IV, 36.

The Triple Gate of Hell
21 trividham narakasye 'dam
dvaram nasanam atmanah
Kaman krodhas tatha lobhas
tasmad etat trayam tyajet
(21) The gateway of this hell leading to the ruin of the soul is threefold, lust, anger and greed. Therefore these three, one should abandon.

22. etair vimuktah kaunteya
tamodvarais tribhir narah
acaraty atmanah . sreyas
tato yati parade gatim
(22) The man who is released from these, the three gates to darkness, 0 son of Kunti (Arjuna), does what is good for his soul and then reaches the highest state
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