Talks on the Gita -Vinoba 61

Chapter 6
31. Abhyasa (Constant Practice), Vairagya (Non-Attachment) And Faith

28. Jnanadeva appears to be referring to his own life when he writes in ‘Jnaneshwari’ on the concerned verses of the Gita e.g. ‘बालपणीं च सर्वज्ञता। वरी तयातें।’ (‘All knowledge comes to him in childhood itself’), ‘सकळ शास्त्रें स्वयंभें। निघतीं मुखें’ (‘Words of spiritual wisdom come out of his mouth of their own accord.’) Abhyasa in the previous birth pulls you onward.

That is why some persons are not drawn to the objects of senses. They are not tempted by them. This is because of their sadhana in the previous birth. The Lord has given an assurance at the end, ‘शुभकारी कुणी बापा दुुुुर्गतीस न जातसे।’ (‘No well-doer ever meets with a sad end.’) Good done is never wasted. One should have faith in this assurance. What remains incomplete in this life will be completed in the next one. Understand the essence of this teaching and attain fulfillment in life.[1]


References and Context

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