Talks on the Gita -Vinoba 230

Chapter 18
108. Thou Alone......Thou Alone

32. Having said all this, the Lord then asks Arjuna, “Ha ve you listened to all this carefully? Now ponder over it fully and then do what you think right.” The Lord thus magnanimously gave complete freedom to Arjuna. This is a unique feature of the Gita. But then compassion welled up in Him and He took back that freedom. He told Arjuna, “Give up your will, your sadhana; give up everything and come to Me; take refuge in Me.” What this means is that you should not have any independent self-will; you should do what He wills you to do.

Let His will prevail. With full freedom, you should feel that you need have no freedom. Reduce yourself to zero. Let there be the Lord, and the Lord alone, in the universe. The goat, while alive, bleats ‘मी.....मी’ that is, ‘I....I....’ But when it is dead and its guts are made into strings for carding cotton, the strings, as saint Dadu says, give the sound ‘तुही......तुही’ (‘Thou alone....Thou alone....’). Now there is nothing but ‘Thou alone.....Thou alone.....’[1]


References and Context

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