Sudama and Krishna
    • Sudama was a Brahman boy, a disciple of sage Sandipani and a class-mate and a friend of Krishna.
  • After their study under Sandipani was over, both friends parted their different ways. Krishna became the lord of Dvarka, but Sudama remained a poor house-holder, with a wife and many children to feed.
  • One day, Sudama's wife suggested that he should go to Dvarka to get some financial aid from Krishna.
  • Sudama left for Dvarka with a small packet of rice flakes for Krishna, which he knew the latter liked very much.
  • On arriving there he was received warmly by Krishna who took a helping of the rice flakes offered by his friend.
  • After spending some time there, Sudama took his leave. Only when he was half way home, he realised that he had not received any wealth from Krishna, but to his surprise when he reached home, his house had been converted into a mansion, and his children were fed and clothed.
  • Thus the poor Brahman became a rich lord.