Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 22:33-49

Book 9: Chapter 22

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 22: Verses 33-49
The genealogy of the Pancalas, the Kurus and the kings of Magadha

Of Subhadra (the last wife of Arjuna and the younger sister of Lord Sri Krsna) was born your father, the valiant Abhimanyu, who conquered all the Atirathas* (great car-warriors who encountered him on the battle-field). And from him through Uttara appeared you (0 Pariksit!). (All) the Kurus (with the exception of the five Pandava brothers) having perished, you too had (almost) been burnt by the (fierce) blaze of the mystic missile presided over by Brahma (the creator), released by Aswatthama (the son of Dronacarya). But by the (supreme) might of Sri Krsna you were rescued alive from (the jaws of) death. [1] Here are your (own) sons, 0 dear Pariksit-Janamejaya and others following him, (viz.,) Srutasena, Bhimasena and Ugrasena; each of them possessed of (great) valour. Perceiving you to have met your death through (the serpent) Taksaka, the said Janamejaya, full of rage, will (attract by means of spells and) actually offer serpents as an oblation to the flames in a serpent-sacrifice. Having conquered the entire globe on all sides and appointing Tura, the son of Kavasa, as his priest, Janamejaya, (who will be celebrated as) a performer of horse-sacrifices, will propitiate the Lord through a number of (such) sacrifices. His son, Satanika, will learn the three Vedas and receive the knowledge of rituals from the sage Yajnavalkya and acquire knowledge of (the use of) missiles (from Krpacarya) and will attain the highest knowledge (knowledge of the Self) from the sage Saunaka. Satanika's son will be Sahasranika, and of him will be born Mwamedhaja. His son, again, will be Asimakrsna, whose son on the other hand will be Nemicakra. On Hastinapura being washed away by the river (Ganga) he will duly settle down in (the city of) Kausambi. The son sprung from his loins is called Citraratha, and of him will be born a son named Kaviratha. From him, again, will follow Vrstiman, whose son, Susena, of course will be a king. His son will be Sunitha and Sunitha's son will be Nrcaksu, from whom will follow Sukhinala.His son will be Pariplava, from whom will follow Sunaya and his son will be Medhavi. Medhavi's son will be Nrpanjaya, of whom will be born Durva and from (the loins of) the latter will appear Timi. Timi's son will be Brhadratha, from whom will follow Sudasa, and his son will be Satanika. From (the loins of) Satanika will appear Durdamana, whose son will be Vahinara. From Vahinara will follow Dandapani and of Dandapani will be born Nimi, whose son Ksemaka will be a ruler of men. An account of the line of Puru, from which sprang up races of (both) Brahmanas and Ksatriyas, and which is esteemed by gods and. Rsis (alike), has indeed been told (by me). Having reached up to Ksemaka, this line as a matter of fact will come to an end in (the age of) Kali. Now, I shall enumerate the future kings of Magadha. (South Bihar). The son of Sahadeva (Jarasandha's son) will be Marjari, of whom will be Srutasrava. From him will follow Ayutayu. His son, again, will be Niramitra and his son will be Sunaksatra. From (the loins of) Sunaksatra will appear Brhatsena, and from him will follow Karmajit. Then will come Srtanjaya and (from the loins of) the latter will spring up Vipra, whose son will be Suci. Then will come Ksema, from whom will follow Suvrata. From (the loins of) Suvrata will appear Dharmasutra, from whom will follow Sama. Then will appear Dyumatsena, and from Dyumatsena will follow Sumati, of whom will be born Subala. Then will come Sunitha, of whom will be born Satyajit. His son will be Viswajit, from whom will follow Ripunjaya. And the (said) Brhadratha's line will rule for a thousand years.

Thus ends the twenty-second discourse in Book Nine of the

great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.



  1. A car-warrior who encounters numberless adversaries on the battle- field is known as an Atiratha:

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