Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 7:13-22

Book 8: Chapter 7

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 7: Verses 13-22
The gods and demons proceed to churn the ocean and Lord Siva drinks the poison appearing out of it

Strengthened by the Supreme-as pressing the mountain from above (in His thousand-armed form) and supporting it below (in the form of a huge tortoise) and entering the body of the gods and the demons (in the form of His Sattvika and Rajasika nature), the mountain (in the form of stubbornness), and the serpent (in the form of suspended consciousness)-and intoxicated with pride, the gods and the demons began to churn the ocean with the help of the great mountain (Mandara) with such violence as to cause a (great) stir among the hosts of crocodiles (and other aquatic creatures living in the ocean). With their brightness marred by the breath, fire and smoke issuing from the thousand fearful eyes and mouths of Vasuki (the king of serpents), the demons, headed by the Paulomas and Kaleyas, Bali andlIwala, looked like (a row of) Sarala (a species of) trees scorched by a forest conflagration. On the gods, however-whose splendour had been obscured by his flaming breaths and whose raiment, excellent wreaths of flowers, coats and faces had been soiled with smoke-clouds under the (direct) command of the Lord poured down copious showers,and breezes moistened by the waves of the ocean fanned them. When nectar (however) did not appear from the ocean (of milk), being churned in the aforesaid manner by the commanders of the heavenly and Asura forces, Lord Ajita Himself took up the churning. Holding the serpent (Vasuki) with His (four) triumphant arms vouchsafing protection to the world, and agitating the ocean with the chum-dasher (in the form of Mount Mandara), the Lord-who was dark-brown like a cloud, had a cloth of golden hue wrapped about His loins, was adorned with a garland (of sylvan flowers) and a pair of ear-rings that flashed like lightning, wore glossy and wavy locks on His head and was possessed of reddish eyes, and who (in the form of the divine Tortoise) bore Mount Mandara (on His back), now shone like a rival mountain. From the ocean-which was teeming with Timis (a fish of enormous size), sea-elephants, sharks and whales (big enough to devour even Timis) and which when it was being churned, disturbed the fishes and agitated the alligators, snakes and tortoises-first issued a most deadly poison called Halahala.

Seeing that effervescent, unbearable and irresistible poison possessing tremendous force and spreading in all quarters, as well as above and below, and finding no protection (anywhere), living beings along with their leaders got (much) frightened and flew for protection to Lord Sadasiva (the ever-auspicious), O dear one ! Beholding the aforesaid Chief of the gods-seated (dwelling) on Mount Kailasa with His divine Spouse for the welfare of the three worlds and practising austerities, so dear to ascetics, (in order to set an example before them) for their emancipation-they greeted Him with hymns. The lords of created beings prayed: O god of gods, O supreme Deity, the Protector, nay, the very Self of (all) created beings, save us, that have sought refuge in You, from this poison, which is burning (all) the three worlds. You are the one Lord competent to enthral and liberate the whole world. Such as You are, the wise worship You, the Preceptor (of the universe), capable of relieving the agony of those who have sought refuge in You.



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