Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 6:13-24

Book 8: Chapter 6

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 6: Verses 13-24
Transportation of Mount Mandara (to serve as a churn-staff for stirring the ocean of milk)

Having seen You as such, the object sought for (by us) very long since, appearing in person (before us) today, O Lord with a lotus sprung from Your navel, we have all attained supreme bliss similar to the one which elephants oppressed by a forest conflagration do on perceiving the water of the (holy) Ganga. Accomplish You as such the object for which we, the guardians of all the worlds, have duly sought the soles of Your feet. O inner Self, what is there to be made known outside by others to You, the all- witnessing Lord ? Appearing as distinct from You, like the sparks of a fire from the fire itself, how can Lord Siva (the protector of mountains), myself (Brahma), the gods and other ethereal beings, Daksa and other lords of created beings and whoever (else) there may be, know (where lies) our welfare, O Lord ! (Therefore, pray,) impart to us the counsel that may be beneficial to the Brahmanas and the gods (on whom depends the welfare of all others). Sri Suka went on: Thus extolled by Brahma (the creator) and others and having fully known their heart just as it was, the Lord spoke, in a voice deep as the rumbling of clouds, to the gods, who stood with joined palms and had fully controlled their senses (to receive His command). Though capable of accomplishing the purpose of the gods all alone, Lord Visnu, (the supreme Ruler of the gods) addressed them (as follows), eager as He was to divert Himself with the churning of the ocean (of milk) and other sports.

The Lord said: Hullo Brahma, Oh Lord Siva (the Source of (all) blessings), O gods and (other) heavenly beings (Gandharvas and others) ! listen you all attentively to My word, so that good may come to you. Go forth and let peace be concluded with (your cousins) the Danavas and Daityas (the sons of Danu and Diti), who are favoured by time (the tide of fortune), till prosperity returns to you of its own accord. In the event of the object to be accomplished being of great moment, enemies too must be won over(through alliance). Once you have achieved your purpose, O gods, you may certainly behave with your enemies even as a serpent does with a rat. Efforts should be put forth without delay for producing nectar, by drinking which even one who is in the jaws of Death would become immortal. Casting into the ocean of milk all (kinds of) plants, grasses, creepers and herbs and making Mount Mandara a churn-dasher and Vasuki (the king of serpents) as a cord for whirling it round, churn-the said ocean unweariedly, O gods, with Myself as your helper. The Daityas will (only) reap (fruitless), toil while you shall, enjoy its fruit. Approve you heartily of that which the Asuras want, O gods. All one's objects are not accomplished well by anger as through kind words.



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