Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 15:13-24

Book 8: Chapter 15

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 15: Verses 13-24
Conquest of heaven by Bali

(In those gardens) there were (a number of) lotus ponds-abounding with swans, cranes, Cakrawakas (ruddy geese) and Karandavas (ducks)-in which sport celestial women accompanied by gods. It is hemmed in by the worshipful heavenly Ganga (Mandakini) by way of a moat, as well as by a high fortification wall of gold furnished with watch-towers (here and there) Built by Viswakarma (the architect of heaven), it is provided with entrances (of houses) whose doors are plated with gold, and with city gates made of crystal, and has its roads well-arranged. It is rich in public halls, quadrangles and streets and is full of numberless mansions as well as of cross roads paved with gems and containing platforms of diamonds and corals at the centre.

Lovely women of everlasting youth and unfading beauty, clad in spotless raiment and decked with jewels, shine there as fires with flames. Through every pathway in that city blow breezes wafting the fragrance of fresh wreaths of white water-lilies dropped from the locks of celestial ladies. Celestial nymphs there walk through paths covered with yellowish fume escaping through air-holes of gold and bearing the fragrance of (burning) aloe-wood. It is shaded (here and there) with canopies of pearls, flags with staffs of gems and gold and balconies with smaller flags of various colours fixed in them; is resonant with the noise of peacocks, pigeons and black bees and wears a gala appearance due to the sweet songs of celestial ladies.

(Nay,) it delights the mind of the people by the sound of clay tomtoms, conchs, drums and kettledrums; by(the musical sound of) lutes, wooden tomtoms, Rstis (another musical instrument) and flutes accompanied with (that of) cymbals, as well as by dances and the songs to the accompaniment of musical instruments of demigods (Gandharvas and others); and outshines the deity presiding over splendour by its brilliance. Those who are extremely unrighteous, wicked, fraudulent, proud, lustful and greedy and are enemies of created beings cannot enter it: (only) those who are free from these defects find access to it, Bali, the (supreme) commander of his forces, besieged the aforesaid city of the godson all sides by his army from without and blew his sonorous conch given (to him) by his preceptor (Sukra), infusing fear into the ladies (of the household) of Indra. Perceiving it to be the supreme effort of Bali, Maghavan (Indra), accompanied by all the heavenly hosts, approached the sage Brhaspati (his preceptor) and spoke as follows:-



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