Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 8:14-23

Book 7: Chapter 8

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 8: Verses 14-23
Lord Nrsimha extolled on the death of the demon king (at His hands)

I being all-in-all, here do I sever your head from your trunk, a braggart that you are. Let Hari, who is the asylum sought for by you, protect you today." Thus tormenting again and again his son (Prahrada), that eminent devotee of the Lord, with abusive words (uttered) in anger, the great and mighty demon (Hiranyakasipu) sprang from his exalted seat, taking his sword, and knocked the pillar with his fist. That very moment there rose in that pillar a most terrific crash, as a result of which the shell of the cosmic egg cracked (as it were) and on hearing which, as it reached the spheres of Brahma (the creator) and others, they for their part actually suspected the dissolution of their very abodes, O dear Yiadhisthira ! Displaying his valour in his anxiety to get rid of his son (Prahrada), he heard that unprecedented and weird sound; but he did not descry inside the court the source of that sound, due to which the leaders of the Asuras (the enemies of the gods) had got frightened. In order to substantiate the utterance of His servant and His presence in all objects, the Lord appeared in the (aforementioned) pillar of the court, assuming a queer form, which was neither of a beast nor of a human being.

Thus looking intently on all sides, he (Hiranyakasipu) beheld a being issuing forthwith from the interior of the pillar and said to himself, "He is neither a beast nor a human being. Oh, what may be this strange creature, bearing the form of a man-lion?" Before (the eyes of) Hiranyakatipu, who was (busy) musing on that most terrible figure, visibly stood the Lord in the form of a man-lion. It had fierce eyes shining as molten gold and a face swollen with its dazzling hair and manes. It had fearful teeth and a tongue waving like a sword and sharp as the blade of a razor, and looked (all the more) frightful because of its frowning aspect. It had erect and motionless ears and a gaping mouth and nostrils amazing as a mountain-cave, and excited terror with the parting of its jaws. The body touched the (very) skies and it had a short thick neck, a broad chest and a slender waist; it was covered all over with hair white as moonbeams, was endowed with multitudes of arms extending on all sides and had claws that served as weapons. Hard to approach (because of its terrible aspect), it had driven away the Daityas and the Danavas with all its own and other choicest weapons (such as the thunderbolt). "Surely enough this is (nothing but) an expedient thought out for my death by Hari, who is adept in many a conjuring trick. But what can be done by him, though fully prepared?"



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