Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 6:13-24

Book 7: Chapter 6

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 6: Verses 13-24
Prahrada's teaching to the demon boys

(Nay,) pursuing actions (of different categories) out of greed (for rewards of various kinds) like a silk-worm (which builds a nest in which it gets imprisoned due to its leaving no outlet from it) and thinking highly of the pleasures relating to sex and the palate, how can he feel disgusted with them, his desires remaining (still) unsated and his infatuation knowing no bounds? Fond of his family, the careless fellow does not perceive his life wearing away in the endeavour to maintain his family nor his (real) purpose (in the shape of God-Realization) frustrated; and even though his mind remains afflicted by the three kinds of agony everywhere, he never gets sick of them. Though knowing the sin attaching here as well as hereafter to the man misappropriating others' wealth, the householder whose mind is ever intent on (accumulating) riches nevertheless takes away others' wealth, his senses being uncontrolled and his desires unsatisfied. Indeed he who has a differential outlook, regarding this as his own and that as belonging to another, is not able to realize the Self while maintaining his family in the aforesaid manner, O scions of Danu, even though he may be learned (in the scriptures). (On the other hand,) he is likely to enter the dark region (of hell) even like a deluded person.

Since none who is extremely passionate and a (veritable) toydeer for the diversion of lustful women, in whom are forged fetters in the form of offspring, is ever and anywhere capable of liberating his soul, therefore, avoiding from a respectable distance, O Daityas, the company of the Daityas, who have set their mind on the objects of senses, take refuge in Lord Narayana, the most ancient Deity; (for) He (alone) is the final beatitude sought for (even) by those who have given up attachment (for everything). Indeed there is not much exertion to him who is engaged in propitiating the immortal Lord, 0 children of the Asuras, He being the very Self of all created beings and present everywhere in this world. In (all) created beings, high and low, commencing from the immobile creation (the vegetable kingdom) and culminating in Brahma (the creator), nay, in (all) material products as well as in the (five) gross elements, in the (three) Gunas (modes of Prakrti), in Prakrti (Primordial Matter, which is nothing but a state of equilibrium of the three Gunas) as well as in the Mahat-tattva etc., (which constitute a mixture of the three Gunas in uneven proportions) exists the one and only one transcendent Spirit, the almighty and imperishable God.Though really indescribable and undifferentiated Himself, He can be hinted at as all-pervading in the form of the subject and as pervaded in the form of the objective universe. The supreme Lord consisting of absolute consciousness and bliss,He is realized as having His divinity concealed by Maya (His deluding potency), which gives rise to the material creation. Therefore, giving up the demoniac disposition, show compassion and friendliness to all created beings, whereby is pleased Lord Visnu (who is beyond sense-perception).



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