Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 4:17-32

Book 7: Chapter 4

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 4: Verses 17-32
Hiranyakasipu's atrocities and Prahrada's virtues recounted

The (seven) oceans (lit., reservoirs of precious stones of various kinds), full of salt water, wine, clarified butter, sugar-cane juice, curds, milk and pure water respectively, as well as the rivers falling into them (which are spoken of as so many wives of the oceans in view of the fact that each of the seven oceans is presided over by a male deity who has a number of wives each presiding over a river) bore (to him) heaps of jewels on their waves. Mountains provided him with a pleasure-ground in the shape of their valleys, while trees bore him (excellent) flowers and fruits in all seasons. (And) he singly possessed (usurped) all the distinctive qualities (functions) of the guardians of the (various) spheres. Having thus conquered (all) the (four) quarters, the demon (who was the undisputed sovereign of all the three worlds) did not feel satiated even though enjoying as he pleased his beloved objects, since he had not been able to subdue his senses and mind. In this way a considerable time slipped past Hiranyakasipu, who, having been subjected to an execration by the Brahmanas (Sanaka and his three brothers), was (not only) arrogant and drunk with power and pelf, but violated (the injunctions of) the Sastras (holy books). Unnerved by his stern rule and finding no shelter elsewhere, the inhabitants of all the worlds along with their guardian deities resorted to the immortal Lord (Visnu) for protection. (They prayed as follows :-) "Salutation be to that quarter where resides the almighty Sri Hari, the Universal Spirit, and on reaching which the pure-hearted recluses of tranquil mind do not return (to the mortal plane)." With their mind and intellect (duly) controlled and rid of (all) impurities, they waited upon Lord Visnu (the Controller of the senses) with the aforesaid prayer, remaining without sleep and subsisting on air (alone all the time).

A voice without (any trace of the speaker's) form and deep as the rumbling of clouds, was heard by them, filling the quarters with its echo and bringing with it assurances of safety to the righteous :"Do not be afraid, O jewels among gods; may good betide you all ! My sight (as well as the hearing of My voice) is undoubtedly conducive to the attainment of all blessings for created beings. The wickedness (tyranny) of this vile demon is (already) known (to Me) and I shall put an end to it. (Please) wait till then. When hatred develops in the mind of an individual towards the gods, the Vedas, the bovine race, the Brahmanas and (other) pious souls, nay, towards righteousness and Myself, the fellow surely perishes before long. When the demon seeks to harm his own high-souled son, Prahrada, who is free from animosity and extremely calm, I shall slay him, even though he is powerful by virtue of boons (bestowed on him by Brahma)." Narada continued : Thus addressed by Lord Visnu (the Preceptor of the universe), and bowing down to Him, the denizens of heaven, who were (now) free from anxiety, returned and accounted the demon (already) slain. Four most marvellous sons were born to that ruler of the Daityas. Prahrada, (who was) a votary of exalted souls, was pre-eminent among them (all) in point of virtues. Devoted to the Brahmanas, rich in amiability and true to his word, he had his senses under control and was the unique beloved friend and the greatest well-wisher of all living beings as their own self, Like a servant he bowed low at the feet of the venerable; like a father. he was kind to the poor; he was affectionate like a brother to his equals and looked upon his elders as God Himself. Though endowed with learning, wealth, personal charm and high birth, he was altogether free from pride and arrogance.



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