Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 3:30-38

Book 7: Chapter 3

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 3: Verses 30-38
Hiranyakasipu asks a number of boons (of Brahma, who is pleased with his austerities)

Through Your body in the form of the three Vedas and the science of rituals conducted with the help of four officiating priests (viz., Hota, Adhwaryu, Udgata and Brahma) You popularize the seven types of sacrificial performances (namely, Agnistoma, Atyagnistoma, Uktha, Sodasi, Atiratra, Aptoryama and Vajapeya). You are the Soul as well as the inner Controller of (all) embodied beings; for You are omniscient, indivisible, without beginning or end and unlimited (in space). You alone are the unwinking Time and (as such) shorten the duration of life of (all) men by Your divisions such as a Lava (the sixteenth part of the twinkling of an eye). (Nay,) You are the immutable Self, occupying the most exalted position, birthless and all-pervading, the Life-giver and Controller of the (entire) animate creation. There is nothing apart from You, cause or effect, mobile or immobile; nay, all the branches of knowledge (such as the Vedas and Upavedas) and sciences auxiliary to the Vedas (Grammar and so on) are Your bodies; for You are (no other than) Brahma (the Infinite) holding the (entire) universe (in the form of a golden egg) within You, existing beyond Prakrti (consisting of the three Gunas).

This visible universe, O all-pervading Lord, is (nothing but) Your physical Body, with which You enjoy the objects of the senses, the vital airs and the mind, though continuing in Your most exalted state; while You are (as a matter of fact) the unmanifest Spirit and the most ancient Person (the Inner Controller of all). Hail to that almighty Lord (viz., Yourself), endowed with the faculties of illumination and obscuration (both), by whom in His infinite and unmanifest state all this stands pervaded. If you will confer on me (my) desired blessings, O Chief among the bestowers of boons, let not my death occur at the hands of (any of the) living beings created by You, O Lord. Let there be no (fear of) death (to me) indoors or outdoors, by day or by night, even from anyone else (than those beings of Your creation) and even through weapons, neither on earth nor in the air and neither from men nor from animals. Nor should I meet my death at the hands of animate or inanimate beings, gods, demons or great serpents. (Also be pleased to) grant me the boon of having no adversary in battle as well as undisputed lordship over (all) embodied beings, (towering) glory like Your own in the midst of all the guardians of the spheres and unfailing mystic powers enjoyed by those who have risen to pre-eminence through austerities and concentration of mind.

Thus ends the third discourse entitled "Hiranyakasipu asks a number of

boons (of Brahma)", in Book Seven of the great and

glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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