Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 2:33-43

Book 7: Chapter 2

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 2: Verses 33-43
Hiranyakasipu rids his mother (Diti) of her grief (caused by the death of his younger brother, Hiranyaksa)

"Alas, by the pitiless Providence, O lord, you have been reduced to a state (of existence) beyond the range of our sight ! Once the life-giver (support) of the Usinaras (the inhabitants of this land), you have now been made by Him the augmenter of their woes. How can we, O ruler of the earth, live without you, our dearest friend, who were disposed to appreciate whatever was done to you (by way of service)? (Therefore,) permit us, servants of your feet, O brave one, to follow you to the place where you will go." While they lamented as aforesaid, clutching their dead husband and unwilling to have him carried out for cremation, the sun actually sank below the horizon. On hearing the lament of the relations of the deceased monarch, it is said, Yama (the god or retribution) himself appeared there in the form of a child and addressed them (as follows). Yama said : Oh the infatuation of these, my superiors in age, who clearly perceive the course of the world (the inevitability of death for everyone that is born) !

Though themselves alike in nature (equally mortal), they bewail in vain the man who has returned to the source (the Unmanifest) whence he came ! Ah, most blessed are we that have no anxiety (whatsoever) and who are not being devoured by wolves and other carnivorous animals, though weak and forsaken here (in this world full of woes) by our parents (who were recognized as responsible for our protection) ! For, He alone is the protector (everywhere), who protects us in the (mother's) womb (where there is nobody to look after us excepting the Lord). The wise, O ladies, call the animate and inanimate creation a (mere) plaything in the hands of that (very) Lord who creates it by (sheer) will, who alone, all-powerful as He is, protects it and who, though imperishable (Himself) destroys it. He (alone) is competent to maintain and dissolve it. A thing protected by destiny remains intact even though dropped on the road; while that which is consigned to destruction by (an evil) fate perishes even though staying at home. A forlorn creature watched over by Providence survives (even) in the forest : while he whose doom is decreed by Providence will not survive though guarded at home. The bodies (of living beings) of every description come into being and perish at the appointed time due to a variety of Karmas determining their species. The spirit, however, which is altogether different (from the body), is not bound by the laws relating to the body even though dwelling in it. This body is born (as something identical with the spirit) due to the ignorance of the Jiva, though (as a matter of fact) it is different (from the diva) because it is perceived (as such) and is material (too) as a house. Like an object made up of aqueous, earthy or fiery atoms, the body, which is made up of the atoms of water, earth and fire (put together) gets transformed in course of time and (ultimately) perishes. (Just) as fire (though) existing in pieces of wood is observed to be distinct (from them as having the capacity to burn and illuminate things), nay, (even) as the air, though existing (everywhere) in the body, appears as existing separately (in the different parts of the body such as the mouth and nostrils), and (just) as ether, though pervading everywhere, does not cling to any substance, so the spirit, (which is) the foundation of all products of matter (such as the body and the senses) is distinct (from them).



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