Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 10:31-48

Book 7: Chapter 10

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 10: Verses 31-48
(The story of) the conquest of Tripura

Narada went on : Having spoken thus, O Yudhisthira, and worshipped by Brahma (the highest god), Lord Sri Hari, who cannot (ordinarily) be seen by all created beings disappeared on that very spot. Then, duly worshipping Brahma (the creator), Lord Siva (the Source of the universe), the lords of creation (Marici and others) and the gods (Indra and others), who are (so many) rays (as it were) of the Lord, Prahrada made obeisance (to them) with his head (bent low). After that, along with the sages headed by Kavya (the sage Sukra, the preceptor of the demon race), Brahma (who has his seat on a lotus) installed Prahrada as the ruler of the Daityas and the Danavas. Then, felicitating Prahrada and invoking the choicest blessings (on him), and honoured (by him) in return, the gods, headed by Brahma, returned to their (respective) abodes, O king (Yudhisthira) !

In this way those two attendants of Lord Visnu (viz., Jaya and Vijaya) were reduced to the state of Daityas (sons of Diti) under the imprecation of the Brahmanas (the sages Sanaka and his three brothers). (And) due to their hostile feeling they were slain by Sri Hari, present in their heart. Again they appeared as a pair of Raksasas (ogres), Kumbhakarna (one having ears as big as jars) and Ravana (a ten-headed monster). They were disposed of by the prowess of Sri Rama. Lying on the battle-field with their-heart torn open by the arrows of Sri Rama, they shed their body as in their previous birth, their mind fixed on Him. Further, reborn as Sisupala and Dantavaktra (the son of Karusa) in this life, the two got merged in Sri Hari by virtue of their deep-rooted enmity as you have seen (for yourself). Becoming one with Him at the last moment (by fixing their mind on Him), even as a caterpillar gets transformed into a wasp through contemplation on the wasp, princes inimical to Sri Krsna got rid (through such meditation) of whatever sin had been committed (by them) before (their death). Even as devotees attained similarity. of form with the Lord (by contemplating on Him) through supreme Devotion characterized by a feeling of identity (with through contemplation on Him (as their enemy). (Him), so did kings such as Sisupala (the ruler of Cedi) attain similarity of form with Sri Hari All that you asked me in detail has (thus) been related to you, namely, the attainment as aforesaid of similarity of form with Sri Hari by kings such as Sisupala (the son of Damaghosa), even though His enemies; the sacred story, just told by me, of the descent (in the form of a man-lion) of Lord Sri Krsna, the Supreme person, a votary of the Brahmanas, in which has been described the death of the two most ancient Daityas (Hiranyaksa and Hiranyakasipu); the narrative of Prahrada, a great devotee of the Lord, as well as (an account of) his Devotion, spiritual enlightenment and dispassion and as a matter of fact the true nature of Sri Hari, who is responsible for the creation, existence and dissolution of the universe; an account of His excellences and exploits as well as of the great change of abodes, in course of time, of the higher and lower orders of creation (such as the gods and demons and so on), and the cult of the Bhagavatas (votaries of the Lord), by means of which the Lord is (easily and speedily) reached. (Further) in this chronicle has been discussed at length in all (its) bearings the topic of the Spirit. Whoever, on hearing with reverence this sacred narrative, enriched with an account of the prowess of Lord Visnu, recites it (to others) is completely freed from the bonds of Karma. (And) whosoever reads with a concentrated mind this story of the pastime of Lord Visnu (the most ancient Person) figuring as a lion, (mainly) consisting of the destruction of Hiranyakasipu (the ruler of the Daityas), who resembled a mighty elephant (the leader of a herd of elephants), after hearing of the hallowed glory of Prahrada (the son of Hiranyakasipu), the foremost of virtuous souls, attains to the realm (of Lord Visnu) where there is no fear from any quarter. Oh, exceedingly fortunate (far more fortunate than Prahrada) on earth (this world of human beings) are you (the Pandavas and the Yadus), to whose residences flock from all quarters sages sanctifying the (whole) world, inasmuch as the supreme Brahma bodily stays there disguised in the form of a human being.



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