Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 6 Chapter 9:28-34

Book 6: Chapter 9

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 6: Chapter 9: Verses 28-34
Indra slays Viswarupa; and routed by the demon Vrtra (the younger brother of Viswarupa), the gods call on the sage Dadhici at the instance of the Lord

Sri Suka continued : While the aforesaid gods were thus praying, great king, the Lord appeared (first) in their hearts (in the quarter occupied by the Inner Controller), wielding His conch, discus and mace. (Again,) they beheld Him (before them) being waited upon on all sides by (His) sixteen attendants-who were (exactly) similar to Him but without (the mark of) Srivatsa (the curl of hair on the breast, demarcating the foot print of the sage Bhrgu) and the Kaustubha gem (the two distinctive marks of the Lord)-and with eyes resembling a pair of full-blown autumnal lotuses. Overwhelmed with joy at His sight, they all fell prostrate (like logs) on the ground, O king, and (then) slowly rising, offered (their) praises (thus). The gods said : Hail to You, whose power (to confer heavenly bliss and other rewards) stands revealed in the form of sacrificial performances ! Hail to You even as the Time-Spirit (that limits the duration of those rewards)!! Hail to You, who have indeed (on many occasions in the past) hurled Your discus (to destroy the demons that obstruct the performance of sacrifices !I!) Hail to You who have (by virtue of such exploits and glories) acquired numberless blessed names !!! No one born after creation, O Lord, is fit to know Your highest essence (absolute nature), which lies beyond the three courses (of Sattva, Rajas and'Tamas), You being their Controller.Is Obeisance be to You, denoted by (the mystical syllable) OM, O Lord Narayana (dwelling in water), O Vasudeva (the Abode of the universe), the most ancient Person, the supreme Person, possessed of infinite glory, supremely auspicious, supremely blessed,

supremely merciful, One without a second, the Support of the universe, the undisputed Ruler of all the worlds, the universal Lord, the Spouse of Laksmi (the goddess of fortune) ! You are the same as the realization of the Bliss inherent in the Self and revealed of itself in the region of the Self when the gate leading to it the shape of the mind is opened consequent on the door of ignorance being set aside through the practice of Devotion to the Lord (the religion of the Paramahamsas--ascetics of the highest order), which is awakened and realized by ascetics and recluses by means of supreme concentration of mind through meditation on the Self. Devoid of (any) support, bodiless and transcendent as You are, You create, preserve and destroy this qualified universe by Your own Self, undergoing no transformation; and not expecting (any) co-operation from us (the deities presiding over the arm and other organs of action, the seats of strength etc.) ! The course of this pastime of Yours is really something difficult to understand.



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