Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 6 Chapter 12:14-26

Book 6: Chapter 12

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 6: Chapter 12: Verses 14-26
The demon Vrtra slain

Therefore, one should remain balanced in joy and sorrow (severally) proceeding from fame and disrepute, victory and defeat and even so from life and death. Sattva, Rajas and Tamas are the (three) modes of Prakrti (Matter) but not the attributes of the Self. He who recognizes the Self to be a (mere) witness of these is not bound (by them). Look at me, O Indra, exerting to the best of my power with intent to take your life, though (already) vanquished in battle and having my weapon (trident) and arm cut down (by you). This warfare is (after all nothing but) a game of chance, in which life (itself) is staked, arrows are thrown as dice and the animals etc., carrying the warriors are the gaming-boards. It is never known here (till the last) whose lot is victory and whose, defeat." Sri Suka continued : On hearing the guileless speech of Vrtra, Indra welcomed it. Picking up his thunderbolt and feeling no wonder (at his foe's extraordinary presence of mind and charitable disposition), he laughed heartily and replied to him (as follows). Indra said : Oh, you have (really) achieved your object, O demon (chief), blessed as you are with such a (catholic, discerning, resolute and devout) mind (even at this critical moment), and devoted with all your being to the Lord (the Ruler of the universe), your (very) Self and (true) Friend ! You have actually reached the end of the (insurmountable) Maya of Lord Visnu which deludes people-in that, having shed the demoniac disposition, you have attained to the level of an exalted soul. It is really a great wonder that, though Rajasika by temperament, you have conceived such an unflinching devotion to Lord Vasudeva, who is Sattva (unmixed with Rajas and Tamas) personified ! What use can he have for the shallow ditch-water (in the shape of heavenly and other trivial enjoyments) who sports in an ocean of nectar, blessed as he is with devotion to the almighty Sri Hari, the Bestower of final beatitude?

Sri Suka went on : Thus talking to each other with a view to ascertaining (the true nature of) Dharma (righteousness), Indra (the chief of the gods) and the demon Vrtra, who were both endowed with extraordinary prowess and were (great) leaders of warriors, fought on. Whirling his terrible bludgeon made of black (wrought) iron with his left hand, Vrtra, the chastiser of his foes, hurled it at Indra, O noble Pariksit ! That (mighty) god (Indra), however, synchronously cut down with his thunderbolt-which had a hundred joints-the bludgeon as well as the hand of Vrtra that resembled the trunk of an elephant. With both (his) arms cut asunder at the very root, and streaming blood ( form the shoulders), the demon (Vrtra) shone like a mountain struck by Indra (with his thunderbolt) and dropped from the air with both its wings chopped off.



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