Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 5:29-34

Book 5: Chapter 5

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 5: Verses 29-34
Lord Rsabhadeva instructs His sons and Himself takes to the life of an ascetic who has shaken off worldly feeling and obligation

Behaving like a stupid, blind, dumb, deaf or madman or (even like) a goblin, he put on the appearance of one who had lost all sense of the body and, having taken a vow of silence, remained mute even when accosted by the people. In towns and villages, mines and hamlets, flower-gardens and habitations at the foot of hills, military encampments and cow-pens, in hutments of cowherds as well as in the midst of caravans, in mountains and forests, hermitages and other places, wherever He happened to be, He was insulted on every road-even as a wild elephant is assailed by bees-by vile men, who threatened and (even) beat Him, passed urine and spat on Him threw stones, dust and (even) ordure on Him, farted (in His face) and showered abuses on Him. He (however) ignored (all) this inasmuch as He never looked upon, as His own self or (even) as His own, this illusory habitat in the shape of a body, (wrongly) called as real-established as He was in His own glory (glorious essence) consisting in the realization of both being and non-being-and roamed about all alone on (this) earth with an undivided (undistracted) mind. Appearing in a (charming) form with very soft hands and feet and chest, long and rounded arms, shoulders, and neck, an attractive face and other limbs (all) symmetrically disposed, and a lovely mouth lit up with a spontaneous and naturally captivating smile, He appeared (all the more) lovely with His reddish and large refreshing eyes resembling the petals of a fresh, blown lotus. His cheeks, ears, neck and nostrils were not only beautiful but uniformly shaped. By the extraordinary gracefulness of His face adorned with an enigmatic smile He kindled love in the heart of the women of the city, and with the curly yet matted and auburn luxuriant hair flowing over His face as well as with His uncared for and unclean body He looked like one possessed by a demon.

When, however, the Lord saw this world directly opposed to His practice of Yoga as it were, and the counteraction of such opposition reprehensible, He adopted the mode of life of a python (remaining fixed to one spot and working out one's destiny) and not only ate, drank and chewed (crisp articles of food) but also passed urine and stool lying down, rolling in the faeces till all His limbs were thoroughly daubed with it. The wind perfumed by the fragrance of His excrement indeed surcharged with sweet smell the whole area within a radius of eighty miles. Similarly, living the life of a bull, deer or crow, he behaved (just) like a bull, deer or crow and ate, drank and passed urine while moving about, standing, sitting or lying down.

Thus ends the fifth discourse forming part of the Narrative of Rsabhadeva, in Book Five of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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